Monday, July 29, 2013


1. Just Because He Breathes: Learning to Truly Love Our Gay Son (posted July 1) "We stopped praying for him to never have a boyfriend. We started praying that someday we might actually get to know his boyfriend."

2. Comprehensive Onomatopoeia List (posted July 24) Sweet! Chinese onomatopeia.

3. My husband is not my soul mate. (posted July 22) "But when my daughters come home starry-eyed from camp announcing that they can’t wait till the day they meet the man God has for them, I will probably pop their bubble and remind them that God doesn’t have a husband stored away somewhere for them."

4. What are the “weightier matters of the law”? (Matthew 23:23) (posted July 9) "So here’s an honest question: do you believe that Jesus is a historical figure who can only be known through the words we have received about Him in a book or a living God who is speaking to us today? If you try to wriggle out of answering this by saying that Jesus wouldn’t say anything today that he hasn’t already said in His book, then what you’re saying is He’s not allowed to, because then you would lose control of His rules."

5. Evangelical gatekeepers and conservative holiness (posted July 25) "This idea of holiness-as-non-contamination is profoundly un-Christlike. Nothing in the life or teaching of Jesus Christ suggests that avoiding contamination has anything to do with holiness."


  1. Totally plugging my own blog here, haha, but I actually ended up writing a response to the "My husband is not my soul mate" article. Well, less a response to the article itself and more a response to the people in my circle who LOVED it. While it was a good article and I pretty much fully agreed with it, it reinforced some ideals that have been taken to very strange places in Christian fundie culture, and I wanted to respond to that one:

  2. Really good post here! :) The "love is a choice" thing has DEFINITELY been taken to unhealthy places...