Thursday, February 28, 2019


1. Why I Don’t Care About Nadia Bolz-Weber’s New Book (posted February 15) "I have talked to several women who can recount a similar experience: we lost faith in the church when no one in leadership believed Julie McMahon, not even the progressives, not even the women."

2. Little, Brown to Publish [Transmisic] Novel That Erases Historical Trans Man (posted February 19) "We face the constant specter that as we are misgendered in life, where we can at least fight against it, so will we be in death, by both the cruel and the well-meaning…as is currently being done to Dr. Barry, when he cannot speak for himself and the protests of others are ignored."

3. Evangelicals Said Having Sex Before Marriage Will Ruin My Life. It Didn’t. (posted February 21) "Oh, and there’s another thing—remaining abstinent before marriage was sold as a way to make your marital sex out of this world. I find it baffling that anyone who has actually had sex could think this." PREACH!

4. The Language Of What Happened To Us (posted February 18) "Another friend who didn’t know she had been raped because she didn’t know what rape was, but knew enough to go to a doctor for an STI check, distraught that she had lost her virginity, and then was told she had been raped."

5. Trump Administration Removes Feminist Protections from Immigrant Policy (posted February 26) "Without legal protections, these women would not be able to leave their husbands without leaving the country. In some cases, these women may have children they would also have to leave, or they may have been in the U.S. for years. A feminist immigration policy recognizes these dynamics and creates protections for these women."

Thursday, February 21, 2019


A mother duck and 6 baby ducks. Image source.
1. Six California police officers fatally shoot rapper found sleeping in car (posted February 13)

2. This is Horrible Advice on When to “Report Ministerial Misconduct” (posted February 15) Sarahbeth Caplin reviews a terrible article from The Gospel Coalition. My favorite part is when TGC claims that you should only report a crime if you can "prove the sin from Scripture."

3. This Twitter thread about how to fix the glaring inefficiencies and safety hazards of the Monsters Inc scare floor. (posted February 18)

4. We Will Not Be Silent: An Indictment Against APU (posted February 18) "I thought you might be interested to know that Azusa Pacific University is moving to eliminate term tenure for all faculty and will now require faculty to affirm new faith statements against LGBTQ people."

5. Puppetgate (posted February 18) "Non-Autistic Autism Advocate: 'I went to see it and it was SO GOOD. I totally forgot that Laurence was a puppet he seemed so much like a real autistic child in that he was not human and he didn’t even feature that much in the play.'"

6. Reporters Must Do Better on Abortion: Six Facts You Should Know (posted February 5) "The [anti-choice] movement has invented non-medical terms like 'partial birth abortions' and 'dismemberment abortions,' and has been successful in getting these terms used in legislation and the media."

7. Christian Group to Show 4-D Ultrasounds in NYC as Part of Anti-Abortion Campaign (February 19) 3rd-trimester ultrasounds. Can you believe this. Nobody is having an abortion in the 3rd trimester- unless there is some horrible, heartbreaking health problem with their WANTED and LOVED BABY. But "pro-life" people want you to think a typical abortion is ending a perfectly-healthy 3rd-trimester pregnancy for no reason at all. This is disgusting.

8. Making Sympathetic Antagonists (And Why Thanos Wasn’t One) (posted January 25) "Or, instead of saying, 'We don’t trade lives,' Steve’s main objection to Thanos’s scheme could have been, 'Germany thought mass murder of some of their citizens would help the rest, but it didn’t.'"

9. Abuse of Faith (posted February 10) [content note: child sexual abuse] "20 years, 700 victims: Southern Baptist sexual abuse spreads as leaders resist reforms"

Thursday, February 14, 2019


A baby wearing a dinosaur costume. Image source.
1. A 70% Marginal Rate on Top Incomes Is A Good Start, But It Doesn’t Go Far Enough (posted January 5) "In truth, not only is Ocasio-Cortez’ proposal not radical at all, it would have been boring and normative policy for most of the 20th century in western democracies. It would have been seen as moderate and unremarkable–even conservative!–during the 1960s in America before the civil rights era."

2. A man named Paul would like to tell you the difference between a vulva and vagina. (posted February 12) lololol

3. Raped, Abused, and Ignored: Disabled Women Are Invisible Victims (posted January 31) [content note: rape]


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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Perfect Number Watches VeggieTales "Duke and the Great Pie War" (2005)

I'm really glad they didn't try to "clean up" this part of the story and remove the part where Petunia (Ruth) had been previously married. From a purity-culture perspective, having her be previously married throws a giant wrench in the whole "this is God's perfect plan for your love story" myth. Really glad they didn't try to change the story to make it fit that myth.

It's actually pretty astounding how watching this VeggieTales episode illuminates just how TOTALLY REPRESSED I was back then. Like, this is presented as a lesson about our responsibility to help our family. It wasn't "here is how to have a God-approved marriage." It wasn't anything like that at all! But I was so totally repressed, so boy-crazy, so full of romantic attraction with no acceptable outlet, that the only message I could hear from VeggieTales "Duke and the Great Pie War" was "here is how to have a God-approved marriage."


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Thursday, February 7, 2019


A photo of a shiny metal playground slide in the sun, labelled with types "Fire" and "Steel" as if it's a pokemon. This twitter post has a bunch of slides with pokemon types and it's FANTASTIC.
1. Months-Long Dutch Church Service To Protect Migrants Ends After Policy Shift (posted January 31) YES. The kingdom of heaven is like ^

2. My #ExposeChristianSchools Story (posted February 1) "Taking advantage of these natural and normal vulnerabilities of children and minors with an agenda is exploitative. And yet it is normalized in Christian schools in the name of love."

3. Fake News About Abortion in Virginia (posted February 1) [note: the language in this article assumes pregnant people are all women, but that's not true~ trans people exist!] "But there’s contempt for women embedded in the idea that, absent legal prohibition, someone on the verge of giving birth might instead terminate her pregnancy to avoid the brutalities of labor. 'No matter what the law were, in real life, these things don’t happen[.]'"

4. Queering Eve (posted January 31) "Eve becomes the heroine of the story when she resolves to call God’s bluff. She decides that obtaining the knowledge of good and evil is worth the risk of death; that she doesn’t want to live under God’s thumb, unable to fully understand the world in which she resides." I love this! You know, my favorite type of bible fan fiction to write is re-imagining the stories of biblical characters who are portrayed as "bad guys." (Like Achan and Ham.)

5. It’s OK to Question White Evangelicals Adopting Black Kids (posted January 28) "She calls a Black woman “racist” for asking whether she’s introducing her Black children to Black culture—and ignores the existence of real racism."

6. Meet the Chicago woman who rented hotel rooms for the homeless during deep freeze (posted February 1) The kingdom of heaven is like ^

7. A Birth Plan for Dying (posted September 2018) [content note: child death] "The worst of it this: If you show this map to anyone, to try to give shape to the contours of the greatest, most difficult act of love you have ever committed, you will be called a murderer." An account of a "late-term" abortion of a wanted pregnancy.

8. Epiphany: Jesus wept (posted January 6) "And then God Almighty — God who laid the foundation of the earth, who determined its measurements when the morning stars sang together, God who commands the morning and causes the dawn to know its place, God who bound the chains of the Pleiades and loosed the cords of Orion — wept."

9. Inside the Scam of the "Purity" Movement (posted February 5) "Using the hashtag, women shared stories of waiting indefinitely for a husband to materialize, spending years lonely and riddled with guilt if they masturbated, or blaming themselves for their sexual abuse."

10. Before judging 'late-term abortion,' understand what it means, doctors say (posted February 6) [note: the language in this article assumes pregnant people are all women, but that's not true~ trans people exist!] "Abortion later in pregnancy is not used as an alternative to delivering healthy women's full-term, viable pregnancies. Additionally, it's callous to suggest that healthy women with viable pregnancies at term abruptly change their minds and seek abortion care as the solution." PREACH.

11. US sees limitations on reuniting migrant families (posted February 2) "'The Trump administration’s response is a shocking concession that it can’t easily find thousands of children it ripped from parents, and doesn’t even think it’s worth the time to locate each of them,' said Lee Gelernt, the lead ACLU attorney." Oh god this is bad.

12. The Ugly Nihilism of Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Comments About Why It Doesn’t Matter if Trump Is Immoral (posted January 2) "And it’s a 'distortion,' he said, to imagine that the country as a whole should love its neighbors and help the poor just because Jesus told individuals to do so."

13. On Raising Strong Daughters (posted February 5) "Having a daughter who is willing and able to talk back, and push back—and does mine ever —may sometimes make parenting more difficult in the moment, but it also makes her safer."

Monday, February 4, 2019

Happy Year of the Pig!

A red image of a pig, in the style of Chinese paper cutting, with the text "猪 2019 Year of the Pig." Image source.
Happy Chinese New Year! This year, February 4 is New Year's Eve and February 5 is the first day of the new year.

2019 is the Year of the Pig~

So happy new year everyone! Wishing you happiness in the Year of the Pig! 新年快乐!猪年快乐!


This post I wrote in 2014, which gives an overview of Chinese New Year traditions: Happy (Chinese) New Year!