Monday, July 1, 2013


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1. When it's Time to Throw Out All of the Good Answers (posted June 21) "But I can’t feel God hug me."

2. Testimonies of the Not-Yet Healed (posted June 24) "This woman was healed of cancer, but that was 30 years ago, and now she has a heart condition."

3. The Worst Easter Ever (posted June 24) "I’ve never felt so helpless before."

4. The Price Is Racist: When Women and Minorities Are Asked to Pay More (posted June 24) "In fact, even in the haggling process, white men managed to eke out a better deal on the car."

5. Minutes After Supreme Court Strikes Down DOMA, Immigration Judge Stops Deportation Of Married Gay Man (posted June 26)

6. I Am Not a Sex-Fueled Robot (posted June 27) "I worried about whether I was paying the fair market price of love for the sex I was getting. I worried that my wife wasn’t really interested in sex at all, but she just went along with it because it was in the small print on our marriage contract. No matter how many times she assured me otherswise, I couldn’t shake the feeling that sex was only a means to an end for her. I couldn’t shake the fear that she would think my love for her was only a way to get into her pants."

7. How I pray for you... (posted June 26)

8. Taking back Eden. (posted June 27) "It was a Christian who told me that I deserved what I'd gotten. I deserved to be stared at and embarrassed and judged. I should be ashamed."

9. Jesus Wept, But Not For Reasons Mike Huckabee Thinks (posted June 27) "If Mike Huckabee had even a smidgen of compassion for the LGBT community, he'd realize how callous and inappropriate it was to quote this verse as a sign of his unhappiness with the verdict."

10. Acceptance of Self (posted June 28) "My fear of God turned to absolute horror when I realized I was gay."

11. Widowed by Our Immigration Laws (posted June 28) "In 2008, my stepdad was arrested by immigration authorities. He was detained nine months before being deported to China with a 10-year-bar from returning. My mom was left to run a restaurant and raise two young children on her own."

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