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Here are some of the big topics I write about:

Purity culture
Living in China
Photos of places I've traveled to (mostly in China)
My wedding and my thoughts on getting married

God called me to write responses to the abusive theology of John Piper/ Desiring God/ The Gospel Coalition, so here are the posts on those:
John Piper
Desiring God
The Gospel Coalition

Also I'm working on reviewing all the VeggieTales movies

Book reviews:

Parenting Forward (Cindy Wang Brandt)
Transforming (Austen Hartke)
Radical Love (Patrick S. Cheng)
The Invisible Orientation (Julie Sondra Decker)
The Cross and the Lynching Tree (James Cone)
Asperger's on the Job (Rudy Simone)
When We Were on Fire (Addie Zierman)
The Selfish Gene (Richard Dawkins)
Runaway Radical (Amy Hollingsworth and Jonathan Hollingsworth)
Boundaries in Dating (Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend)
Damaged Goods (Dianna Anderson)
The Greatest Show on Earth (Richard Dawkins)
Love Wins (Rob Bell)
The Bible Tells Me So (Peter Enns)
Torn (Justin Lee)


Noah's Evangelism
Achan's Sin
It wasn't like that for Mary. Maybe it's never like that.
The Sound
The Scars
After the Healing

In Your Anger Do Not Sin (a Hulk fanfic)
Thanos Tested

Star Trek:
Star Trek: Incarnation
Spock Discovers Purity Culture

The Santa Clause 2
The Lion King

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