Saturday, February 9, 2013

Call Me Maybe (a guest-posting opportunity)

What do people mean when they say God "called" them to do something?

I'd like to know, so I'm asking for guest posts. Are you working in some sort of religion-related profession, and you claim that God "called" you to do it? Or do you not use that terminology? Are you working in some non-religious job, and you believe God "called" you to that? I want to know!

Because I'm trying to move to China, and when I mention it to people at church, they assume it's because I "feel called" to be a "missionary."

But that's not how I think of it at all. I'm moving to China because IT'S AWESOME.

The phrase "God called me" makes it sound like, out of nowhere, God orders you to do something dumb that you totally don't want to do, but then you HAVE TO because it's GOD.

Nope, that's not what happened to me.

In my case, I'm moving to China, and I believe that's from God. He gave me an opportunity to visit China a few years ago, and he created the whole world- including China- to be so interesting and diverse, and he gave me a desire to go there again, and helped me learn Chinese... but I don't use the phrase "God called me." Because it sounds like God forcing me to do something dumb that I don't want to do.

But other people surely have a different understanding of the phrase "God called me" so that's why I'm asking for guest posts.

Here are some possible topics to write about:
  • Are you working in full-time ministry (pastor, missionary, etc) because you believe God "called" you? How? What does "called" mean?
  • Are you working in full-time ministry but you do not believe God "called" you? Why not? And why are you working there?
  • Are you working in some typical "nonreligious" job, and you believe God "called" you to said nonreligious job?
  • Have you "heard the call" but then didn't go do it? How did that work out?
  • Are you constantly running into people who assume that you "feel called" to whatever it is you're doing, but you totally don't? (This is me. If you are experiencing the same thing, we can share stories. Please write me a guest post!)
  • I'm not limiting this to Christians. If you fit any of the above bullet points (or can think of something else related) you are welcome to submit a guest post. So, in your post, include what religion, if any, you belong to.
To submit your guest post, email it to me at perfectnumber628 [at] gmail [dot] com. Put something to the effect of "call me maybe guest post" or "calling guest post" in the subject line. (Go ahead and include a link to your blog and twitter, if you have them.) Send me the well-edited final version of your post- in the body of the email, not an attachment. If I like what I see, I'll publish it on my blog. Submissions are due anytime between now and when I edit this post to say that I'm no longer taking submissions.


  1. again, rock on. I didn't move SE Asia because I was told to go. Its awesome, and God has used me there. I know God created me for Asia and adventures, but I didn't have this big calling moment.

  2. Yeah I feel the same way- God didn't "tell" me to go to China, but seems to have made me the kind of person who can't not go to China. :)

    (And if you want to write me a guest post, you totally should.)