Monday, February 18, 2013


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1. Do All Conservative Arguments Lead to Abortion? (posted January 25) "And in the end, does it make sense to claim the presence of a key symbol of individual identity at a point when that which is developing could still become more than one individual?"

2. When ex-gays aren’t ex-gay: It’s not about hypocrisy. It’s about language. (posted February 9) "These ex-gay testimonies are usually intended to bring hope, but they end up being used as weapons against gay people." As always, I'm ridiculously impressed by Justin Lee's patience and compassion for everyone- not blaming or accusing anyone, but explaining how this is a misunderstanding between well-meaning people.

3. Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Abortion Wars (posted February 11) "I also know that no amount of chit chat can fully drown out the protesters’ yells."

4. The problem with evangelical sexual ethics is that we haven’t got any (posted February 10) "There is nothing pure about purity culture."

Also, this comment. "Well, you can go around looking at things willy-nilly and risk falling into lust, but isn't it better to blindfold yourself when around women you're not related to so you don't take a chance of sinning?"

5. You know what this Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition needs? Some exotic human props. (posted February 13)

6. I am a Scandal in the Evangelical Conscience (posted January 27) "Too much of a freak for the Jesus Freaks."

7. Giving Up and Taking Up: What we do (and don’t do) when we keep Lent (posted February 12) "When people give up chocolate or meat or alcohol or coffee, it is not because we Christians think that if we enjoy something, it must be bad."

8. The Psychology of the Christian Purity Culture (posted February 11) "Beyond never hearing such a talk, the phrase 'materialism purity' just sounds weird. And try tacking 'purity' onto any other sin. Fill in the blank: '__________ purity.' Can you think of any sin--except 'sexual purity'--that works in the blank, that doesn't sound weird when framed as a purity violation?" YES! THIS! Preach it!

9. I Wish I Didn't Have Faith (posted February 15) "Doubt, we are told, is the weapon of the enemy. If we allow it gain even a toehold, then the enemy wins and the Christian faith itself will come crashing down."

10. Masturbation, shame, & Christian sexual ethics (posted February 11) "And part of this existence is that he made me a woman and he gave me a healthy sex drive and my body is good and I like sex."

11. Calling All Christians (posted February 13) "The perfect life was the one God called the clergy to—a life of prayer, worship, and service to Christ through the church. Other occupations, while necessary, carried less dignity. The labor of farmers, artists, merchants, and homemakers was not evil, but neither was it blessed, nor were these roles callings from God."

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