Saturday, February 23, 2013

"...but I'm still a Christian."

People are going to say I’m not a Christian.

Because I support gay rights. Clearly, I must be rejecting “the bible’s clear teaching on homosexuality.” A real Christian would vote against marriage equality.

And I reject the idea that “the man has to be the spiritual leader” in a marriage. Clearly I’m just selfish, trying to advocate for my own so-called “rights” rather than accepting my natural and God-given role as a supporter, not a leader.

And sometimes I read the bible, and I say, “In this passage, God commands people to kill an entire city. THAT’S TERRIBLE,” or imply that God seems to be doing something wrong. Oh but we mustn’t say such things! We mustn’t ask those questions.

And I know I’m going to be judged. “Oh, she says she’s a Christian, but ... I don’t think so. Saying those things, rejecting the bible...”

Apparently, Christianity is about holding certain political views. Apparently, it’s about gender roles. Apparently, it’s about not asking too many questions. And if you just go along with all those things, you get to call yourself a Christian, and no one will challenge that claim.

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  1. Would you care to define Christian and while your at it explain why people need Jesus Christ? Then we could discuss your position.

    But as it is I would say you and Libby Anne are closed minded and intolerant of Christians whose beliefs are a lifestyle, not merely something they say they believe and ignore the practical application of Christ's actions and teachings.

  2. And sometimes I read the bible, and I say, “In this passage, God commands people to kill an entire city. THAT’S TERRIBLE,” or imply that God seems to be doing something wrong. Oh but we mustn’t say such things! We mustn’t ask those questions.

    I grew up with that mindset. And the first time I read the Bible cover to cover, I pushed aside all the questions it raised, for fear of committing blasphemy by questioning God's word.

    But then I realized that if a thing is true, then it can withstand any amount of honest scrutiny and questioning. If it can't withstand such questioning - if examining reveals it to be false - then it's not worth believing. And if you're afraid to put it such scrutiny, you probably know, deep down, how it would fare.

  3. Riiiight, because saying "Christianity is not limited to this one specific, limited interpretation" is the essence of closed-mindedness and intolerance.

  4. Thanks for proving my point about people judging me and saying I'm not a Christian! Awesome!

  5. Amen to that! I believe God is real enough to be able to handle any question I throw at him. :)

  6. You are not interested in defining "Christian," that we might discuss whether you think you are a "Christian," by reason rather than assertion?

    Example--I am a ground squirrel. Do you believe me? Does my assertion make it true? Could I be mistaken in my conclusion?

    Let us define "ground squirrel." A small 3"-8" in length, quadruped, mammal lives in burrows.

    I am not 3"-8" in length. I suffer from giant-ism.

    Let us define quadruped. Walking on four legs.

    While I may have four leg-like appendages, I do not walk on all four of my leg-like appendages. I am not a quadruped.

    Therefore, I am not a ground squirrel suffering from giant-ism.--End Example.

    I have judged you to be closed minded and intolerant, (In that you claim your assertions to be true and do not tolerate discussion of your assertions.) but not whether you are a "Christian."

  7. Great article here. Found it on Google looking to see if there was someone like myself who was pretty politically liberal but technically "old fashioned" since I am Christian and don't like drinking or the idea of sex with someone you don't love. Not all that might pertain to you, but I just wanted to say I feel for you! I'm trying to find a good church that has more liberal interpretations of the Bible, supports women as ministers and leaders in their own rights, and gay rights. Man is it hard! But I'm with you! And hopefully we'll find a few more people like us in the long run. :D

    Also, noticed you really love China and want to work there. If you're interested in teaching, I just got back from a great program/contract with a company based in Memphis, TN. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. Check out

    I was there one year but it was the most amazing experience of my life. All ages go, though it's mostly recent grads, but everyone gets along well, you're paid very well based on living expenses in China, and you can always make more with private tutoring! Plus, free housing/utilities/plane ride. If you really love China that much. Go! Go with my blessing! And my wild, enthusiastic well-wishings!

    Best Wishes!

  8. How do you know that Perfectnumber does not practice her beliefs as a lifestyle? What you're saying is that what you believe is a practical application of Christ's actions and teachings, must be what everyone believes is the right way to practically apply them.

  9. On what basis have you determined that Perfectnumber will not tolerate a discussion of her assertions? What she has posted above does not say that-- it merely says that she believes you are judging her and saying she's not a Christian. I agree that you did not actually say that, but you have asked her to prove she's a Christian to your satisfaction. I don't see why she needs to prove herself to you. What she has said is that defining "Christian" by the stance taken on gay rights, male-authority marriage, and questioning the Bible, is unfair. Do you disagree?

  10. Kristen,

    Thank you, for your input.

    Fair is not the question. I disagree that it should be the question.

    Is it fair that Perfectnumber628 makes claims about other "Christian's" beliefs, without stating her own beliefs?

    What is her faith? What does she believe a "Christian" is? This is what determines whether she is a "Christian."

    If she were being fair in her assessment, she would state what she believes a "Christian" is. And compare and contrast her beliefs with those of her "rivals."

    If she wants fair, shouldn't she be fair?

    P.S. I did not ask her to "prove" she was a "Christian," but rather to "define" what she thinks a "Christian" is. I think it would be beneficial for her.

    I, also, find it obnoxious that she stated her position in such a way that no matter what objection could be raised, if the objector is a "Christian," whatever that means, the objector is judging her. So I decided to throw in some judgements to make her feel vindicated, regardless of my own personal beliefs.