Monday, February 11, 2013


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1. A Defiant Dance of Power, Not Sex: Beyoncé, the Super Bowl and Durga (posted February 4) "If what you saw was a performer causing men (and women) across America commit the sin of lust in their hearts, let me suggest you completely missed the point."

2. A lesbian changed through Jesus (January 5) "There are reams and reams of parchment with the ink of the ages scrawled all over ‘em talking about the theology of sanctification but what I KNOW is what I have experienced, am experiencing every day."

3. God in Three Persons: Blessed Trinity (posted February 4) "In order to be in the image of a Triune God, it had to mean something more than this individualistic, highly American, 'faith is a private journey' talk I’d been getting most of my life and we sin individually and take individual steps."

4. How to Write a Worship Song (In 5 Minutes or Less) (posted February 3) I laughed so much.

5. Tweet of the Day (posted February 6) I lolled.

6. Learning to See Homeless People (posted February 3)

7. Damsel, Arise: A Westboro Scion Leaves Her Church (posted February 6) "We thought we were doing good. We thought it was the only way to do good. And that’s what I’ve always wanted."

8. Love is a...choice? (posted February 5) "Follow God’s will and feelings will follow! Control your feelings. If it feels good, it’s probably sinful! Whatever you do, don't trust your feelings!"

9. John Piper, Women in Combat, and How Gender Roles Fall Short of the Glory of Humankind (posted February 6) and The absurd legalism of gender roles (posted February 7) Yes. This.

10. No One Misses The Canadian Penny (posted February 6)

11. Personal Relationship (posted February 10) "Analogously, we can say that human beings, too, are their relationships."

12.  Pour tout ce que tu es: French version of the worship song "Because of who you are."

13. Fear of Causing My Brother to Stumble Almost Gave Me Scoliosis (posted February 9) I present: modesty.

14. Red yarn, purity, and my misplaced worth (posted February 2) "I would tell them that I regret having sex before marriage, but that I regret all the years that I lost believing that I was worthless even more."

15. Why A Super Bowl Loss Is Good News For Kids In Mongolia & Zambia (posted February 4)