Monday, February 4, 2013


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1. Virginity: New & Improved! (posted January 28) "We tell them that if they 'lose' their purity, they will never really get it back. Oh, yes. They can be forgiven. But. You know. They’re damaged goods."

2. Guest Post: God in Reeboks (posted January 28) "One told me 'Love me, or I’ll send you to be tortured for all of eternity.' The other told me 'Love me, or I’ll blackmail you, yell at you, hurt you, kill you.'"

3. I am damaged goods. (posted January 29) "If true love waits, I heard, then I have been disqualified from true love."

4. Why I'm Glad the Ground-Combat Ban Was Lifted (posted January 29) "Any man wanting to fill a particular role must be able to prove that he has the physical strength, endurance, stamina, etc. to be able to fill that role. He doesn't qualify solely as a result of his genitals, right?" This post is pretty much exactly what I would have written.

5. Guide on how to craft a book. Pretty cool. I always wondered how all the pages stayed in.

6. Being Civil Does Not Mean Selling Out the Underprivileged (posted January 28) "Why tell anti-gay Malaysian Christian leaders 'you believe your thing, I’ll believe mine' rather than taking an unequivocal stand for what is right?" I love this post because it's an atheist calling out a Christian for being too relativistic rather than standing up for what's right.

7. “Shouldn’t these people be picking better stocks?” (posted January 25) "I’m burned out on Christians telling me about the next big thing God is going to do, as if they really know."

8. TMI! (posted January 28) "I want you to know me. I don’t want you to know the details of when or if I choose to have sex. The latter is TMI. The former is love."

9. Mary, Joanna, & Great Reversals (posted January 31) "Jesus, Luke illustrates, makes it frustratingly difficult to label people." So annoying. It's almost as if I can't be God.

10. O Sacred Head Now Wounded Because I love this hymn.

"What language shall I borrow
To thank thee, dearest friend?
For this, thy dying sorrow,
Thy pity without end.
Oh, make me thine forever!
And, should I fainting be,
Lord let me never ever
Outlive my love for thee."

11. Football: The Kotaku Review (posted February 1) "'Downs' are 'lives' in Football's battle system. If the offense can move the ball ten yards toward their goal within four downs, they get a 'First Down'—a 'continue.'" An explanation of football for the gaming nerds.

12. Forgetting that you are famous. (posted January 30) "[God] follows you on Twitter and started a fan group dedicated to you on Facebook."

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