Monday, February 25, 2013


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1. DJesus Uncrossed: Tarantino, Driscoll and the Violent Remaking of Jesus in America (posted February 18) "The SNL sketch reveals the paucity of American popular theology with its camouflage and flag-draped Bibles that segregate the story of God for American patriots only."

2. "You said"- One of my favorite mission-trip songs.

3. God's Ways are Higher than Our Ways (posted February 5) "Traditional teaching on hell, and its insistence that God’s moral goodness is totally different from human moral goodness, has probably done more to contribute to atheism than anything else."

4. Why We Need The Math Police (posted February 14) "After the speaker jokes about being bad at math, the audience does not laugh but instead gives the cold hard silence of disapproval and reacts in shock that someone so famous is bragging about her mathematical incompetence." Cannot say enough how much I love this article.

5. Why I Stopped Telling (posted February 19) "I stopped telling the stories of my most resilient kids, because I realized that people were getting the impression that because some of the kids were rising above their circumstances, it was okay to blame the rest for not being able to do the same."

6. Biblical Lysenkoism: Has Al Mohler ever read all four Gospels? (posted February 19) "And if you don’t know how to answer those questions, then you’ve got to do more than bluff around them, because any kid who reads 1 Chronicles on her own deserves a serious, honest response."

7. It's Ash Wednesday (posted February 13) "That's a great sentiment, but I'm not coming forward on Ash Wednesday to hear 'Jesus loves you.'"

8. On Chivalry, Opening Doors, and Basic Humanity (posted February 21) "Am I the only one who thinks this doesn’t sound all that complicated?"

9. The Gospel Is for Baby Bear: On Sesame Street and Gender Confusion (posted February 21) I will never have enough WTF to express how I feel about this. Apparently "the gospel" is "boys shouldn't play with dolls."

10. The False Promise of Abstinence (posted February 21) "Fear of becoming damaged goods... Fear of messing up God’s perfect plan... Fear of disappointing the man I hadn’t even met yet... Fear of sex itself: the big, bad, ugly thing it was made out to be."

11. Damming up justice: King David, power, and rape (posted February 21) "Christians don’t like to talk about the fact that King David might have been a rapist."

12. Can Twitter Make White People Less Racist? (posted February 21) "So if you're white, you're benefitting from racism, you're likely perpetuating it--let's say unintentionally-and it's a problem."

13. 5 Reasons to Kill Christian Music (posted February 23) "Even the most banal, goat-sacrificing, wannabe Satanic metal participates in the Christian reality by stringing three notes together and calling it a melody." Amen to this entire post.

14. Also, this:

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