Friday, February 27, 2015

Shanghai Skyline at Night (photos)

I took these pictures in downtown Shanghai. Beautiful.

This first one is at The Bund (外滩 wài tān). On the other side of the river, you can see the famous Shanghai skyline.

Here's another shot of those buildings:

Next I took the ferry to cross to the other side. Here's an Italian restaurant (lots of expensive, high-quality foreign food in this area), with the Oriental Pearl tower in the background:

And please, no striding here.

If you keep walking, you get to Lu Jia Zui (陆家嘴) and you can see this amazing view of the Oriental Pearl tower (东方明珠 dōng fāng míng zhū):

Right next to a McDonald's and a massive ad for the iPhone 6:

Shanghai is an amazing place, you guys. Happy Chinese New Year!


  1. Thanks for this-- it was very interesting! I ended up Googling the Oriental Pearl Tower to find out what it was (it has a signal antenna at the top and a very ritzy hotel/restaurant in the middle, for other viewers like me who didn't know). Apparently it has LED lights that make it change color all the time, though your pics show it as pink/red. Really cool!

  2. Yeah, it's pretty cool. :) Probably the most famous symbol of Shanghai.

  3. And on the night I was out taking pictures, it was all red. In celebration of the new year, I guess.