Monday, February 9, 2015


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1. the post about masturbation (posted January 30) "Women shouldn’t masturbate because all men supposedly really suck at sex."

2. Equal rights for LGBT people are not last rites for Christians "The two of you go to apply for a marriage license. In line right ahead of you are two women also applying for a marriage license. The lesbian couple gets their license and leaves the office to start planning their wedding. You and your fiancée are granted a license and leave to plan your wedding. As it turns out, there are not a finite number of licenses to be granted." This post is all about the truth about homosexuality.

3. Patriots Super Bowl Win Provides Storybook Ending To NFL Credibility (posted February 1)

4. Five Reasons to Wait Until Marriage (posted February 2) "If your view of sex is such that it's something that should only come after commitments of love and it's a final way of expressing that love, then waiting is a great option for you."

5. Why Chinese people call Katy Perry 'Fruit Sister' (posted February 3)

6. Florida police used mugshots of black men for target practice. Clergy responded: #UseMeInstead. (posted January 25) "The images of pastors, monks and others wearing clothing that in part symbolizes peace and love are intended to be striking, to cause people pulling the trigger to think twice."

7. Dear Katy Perry: If You Have Post-Traumatic Church Syndrome, You Are Not Alone (posted February 4) "Whatever Jesus didn’t like the heart and fire and passion behind your performance at half-time, I don’t like that Jesus*."

8. One Shade of Grey: A Feminist Fantasy. lol.

9. Transgender and Christian: Reimagining Genesis 1 (posted January 28) Yes, it is possible to be transgender and love the bible.

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  1. The "One shade of grey" cartoon is perfect. Make me sick that the romanticizing of an abusive relationship is so popular.
    The "5 reasons to wait until marriage" article is very good, too.
    Thanks for sharing!