Monday, February 2, 2015


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1. With No Google, the Incarcerated Wait for the Mail (posted January 25) "For one, people trying to get degrees while behind bars are at a disadvantage when it comes to research materials. Also, missing out on technological advances while in prison makes reintegrating into the real world more challenging."

2. Christian Creationist Youth Minister: 'I Was Discriminated Against By The Bakery Based On My Creed' (posted January 22) "Bill Jack last year walked into a small privately-owned Denver, Colorado bakery and demanded they bake him a cake decorated to look like a bible, with the words 'god hates homosexuality' written on it, and an image of two men holding hands, with a large 'x' over it." TOTALLY WHAT JESUS WOULD DO, YES?

3. What We Get Wrong About Sex Trafficking (posted January 27) "What, you didn’t suffer electric shock? You didn’t have your eye gouged out? You weren’t chained in someone’s basement? You’re more than 18 years old? You weren’t a virgin? Well! Will someone bring out the real victims please?"

4. The caveat of ‘being saved’ (posted January 28) "Does saying, 'God spared me' somehow negate the importance of all the other human beings who were not spared?"

5. If Disney Princesses Had Realistic Hair (posted January 26) Yep.

6. The Problem with Christian Facial Hair (posted January 23) "I’m not ignorant enough to think that the only reason women lust is due to how gorgeous a man’s facial hair is. I’m not blaming men at all."

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