Monday, February 23, 2015


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1. For Chinese New Year a Celebration of the World’s Largest Sheep (posted February 18) Cool!

2. I Dated Christian Grey: How Women Are Groomed For Abuse (posted February 14) "I’ve been swept off of my feet by what I desperately believed to be—but were not—grand romantic gestures."

3. Atheist lent, why it matters, and also what should I (and maybe you, if you’d like) give up? (posted February 18) "But religion evolved over literally thousands of years to solve a host of problems, satisfy a broad array of needs, and contribute intimately to living a better and more meaningful life."

4. 8 Things Some A$$#ole Says in Every Debate About Sexism (posted February 19) "How can you be complaining about this when there are starving children in Africa? Starving children I'm doing less than nothing to help, because merely nothing would be ignoring them. But I'm specifically pointing out that I know about them to use them as underfed weapons against things I actually care about."

5. Why are Christian movies so painfully bad? (posted February 15) "Perhaps the film's main selling point is that it's not Fifty Shades of Grey."

6. When some faction says they, and they alone, are the Real, True Christians, you shouldn’t take their word for it (posted February 20) "Real True Christians do not base their identity on their devotion to the Bible or to the Creeds, but on finding ways to elevate themselves above other Christians they can denounce as false, apostate, liberal and inauthentic. ... They may be the ones talking the loudest about 'authentic' Christianity/Islam/fandom, but they are bound to be the least reliable examples of what such 'authentic' belief might entail." Follow-up posts: The framework of fundamentalist propaganda distorts how we view every religion and Scholar clarifies, walks back his comments in Atlantic ISIS essay.

7. Photographer captures bizarre, intimate scenes of Chinese factory life (posted February 23) "The Lunar New Year is the only time of year China's army of migrant workers gets to go home. Known as 'chunyun,' the annual travel crush is the world's largest migration of humans."

8. Immodest Proposals: The Rules (posted February 4) "If you wear a tank-top, you must pin your undershirt or bra straps so they do not show. If boys see straps, they will imagine you in your bra, and then not in your bra, and then they will spontaneously combust from lust."

9. Biblical Sexting: A How-To Guide (posted February 14) "You really turn my wheel within a wheel."

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