Monday, February 16, 2015


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1. IT HAPPENED TO ME: I Experienced Reproductive Coercion and Gave Myself an Abortion (posted January 21) "I thought this was normal life, because everything I had ever learned about interacting with the world outside of fundamentalist religious doctrine I learned from my own exploration and mistakes." Trigger warning: abuse

2. The Bible wasn’t written to provide source material for inspirational posters (posted February 8) "The Bible is not a collection of harmless, uplifting platitudes. It is not an almanac of pleasant sayings suitable for cross-stitching."

3. Not a dick: a man’s perspective on modesty (posted February 8) "[It implies that] my hormones and sexual instincts control my life on a day-to-day basis and I am constantly resisting the urge to mate with anything that moves." THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT MODESTY CULTURE TEACHES ABOUT MEN. Eye-opening to see a man that's not happy about that portrayal.

4. Five Lies the Church Told Me About Sex (posted February 9) "LIE #1: The Bible is absolutely, fundamentally clear on the morality of sex outside of marriage."

5. NRA: Papa Don’t Preach 2 (a fanfic interlude) (posted February 10) "Hattie looked horrified and at a loss for words. She fumbled for her next line and glanced down at her script. 'I’m just a woman, so I don’t understand,' she recited flatly. 'Please mansplain further.'"

6. Someone Put Snape’s Scenes In Chronological Order And It Will Make You Feel Things (posted February 10)

7. The myth that there are more black men in prison than in college, debunked in one chart (posted February 12)

8. I Had an Ectopic Pregnancy, and Anti-Choice Laws Could Have Made My Experience Much Worse (posted February 4) "The ultrasound tech was allowed to be decent and compassionate toward us, instead of being forced to play us the sound of that doomed heartbeat and describe what few anatomical features she might have seen, even as my husband and I were both crying over what we’d suddenly realized was our loss."

9. One year later, has Michael Sam been frozen out of the NFL? (posted February 8) "Slicing the pie another way, of the 31 rookies since 2010 with two or more sacks and 10 or more tackles in the preseason (again, Sam exceeded those numbers), Sam is one of only three (10%) to not make at least a season-long practice squad."

10. 5 Reasons Why Many American Christians Wouldn’t Like The First Ones (posted February 12) "If Americanized Christians were to see how the first Christians lived, it would be denounced as some sort of communist cult being led by folks who distorted the Gospel." Amen.

11. Love Is Not Being A Jerk to Your Friends (posted February 13) "One thing that these experiences taught me is that it’s very dangerous to ever operate as though you have the entire world figured out."

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