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3 Surprising Moments in "Frozen" (which really shouldn't be surprising)

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I recently watched Disney's "Frozen" and was shocked by 3 things which really shouldn't be shocking. They should be completely normal and obvious things. But for some reason, movies never seem to treat them as so obvious...


1. "You can't marry a man you just met."

This should be really obvious, right? You can't marry a man you just met. But for some reason people are ALWAYS doing that in Disney movies.

Right near the beginning of the movie, Anna and Hans got engaged, the same day they first met each other. Elsa says no, you can't get married so fast. Kristoff also thinks it's ridiculous when Anna tells him about it.

And actually, Anna's and Hans's relationship doesn't work out, which was also very surprising to me. In what children's cartoons do the characters break up?

2. True love.

So unfortunately, Anna's heart becomes frozen and she can only be saved by "an act of true love."

When they find this out, Kristoff races her back to the palace so they can find her fiance, Hans, and have a "true love's kiss."

But, once Anna and Hans are alone, he reveals that he doesn't love her, he just wants to marry a princess so he can have power. Hans leaves her alone and freezing.

Fortunately, the talking snowman shows up to help her, and they try to think of another "act of true love" to save her. The snowman defines love as putting someone else's needs before your own, and AMEN TO THAT! Usually in movies, love is just romantic feelings, but dude, this movie has the ACTUAL definition of what love ACTUALLY is. Mind blown.

And the snowman gives the example of Kristoff loving Anna enough to rush her back and find Hans and leave her. Yes, that's love. Especially since it turns out Kristoff was attracted to Anna too. But he put her needs first, and took her to find her fiance as fast as possible.

And actually, in the end, the "act of true love" that saves Anna is between her and her sister Elsa. Because "love" doesn't just mean "romance." WOW! I mean, yes, obviously "love" doesn't just mean "romance," but in movies it usually does.

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3. He asked permission to kiss her!!!

Near the end of the movie, Anna's love interest, Kristoff, is so happy and exclaims, "I could kiss you!" and then stops and kind of stammers about "only if it's okay with you" or whatever, and she says "Yes you may!" and they kiss.

And I was freakin' speechless. Are there any other movies where somebody asks permission before kissing someone?

Even though that's what EVERYONE should do! Consent! You can't just kiss someone without their permission. Good on you, Kristoff!

And even when Kristoff and Anna were traveling together and working together, he knew she was engaged to someone else, and he never tried to make any romantic moves toward her. When he found out she needed "an act of true love" to save her life, he hurried her back to the palace to find her fiance- even though Kristoff himself was attracted to her.

Now there is a guy who respects women. Even though he doesn't agree with her getting engaged to someone she just met, he takes her seriously and doesn't try to flirt or anything.

(Which, by the way, is what everyone should do. It shouldn't be such a surprising thing to see in a movie. But it was.)

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So, have you seen "Frozen"? What did you think?

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