Monday, February 17, 2014


1. It’s Just Sex (posted February 6) "But they were all lists of what not to ever do if you wanted your life to remain unruined by the hydra of sex. No one told me what I could do." AMEN!

2. Re: Immanentizing the transcendent and ‘Why are you a Christian at all?’ (posted February 8) "So why not just get busy loving one another and not bother with the God stuff at all? As Richard Beck suggests, and I agree, that’s a fine approach." Wow. This is what I believe too.

3. The Church That Loved (posted February 4) "But he did let us know that, technically, the Alliance denomination does not affirm same-sex couples, and would probably not be happy to know we help out in ministry at Cove, let alone want to become members. But he said we would go ahead anyway."

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