Monday, February 24, 2014


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1. Speaking is Painting: Why No Translation Can Be “Perfect” (posted February 13) This is exactly how I feel about Chinese and English.

2. A Closet Comes Undone (posted February 9) "It’s happened and I’m all the way out and people are talking about me without me."

3. Popular Chinese Websites (posted February 20) The basic ones you gotta know if you live in China.

4. How to cut a bagel into 2 interlocking halves:

5. Church Signs, a Blurred Lines Parody Video (posted February 20) WOWWW I love this video. Not your typical cheesy Christian parody.

6. Does Frozen feature Disney’s first animated gay couple? (posted February 18) Cool!

7. "Hey Jude / your make is bad / you should fix that / compiler error."

8. 3D Printing Helps Fix Child’s Heart, Save Life (posted February 22) Awesome!

9. And this dog:

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Have a good week, everyone!

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