Monday, February 10, 2014


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1. "Reading Rainbow" with LeVar Burton - on Star Trek TNG. Behind the scenes of Star Trek.

2. Bootstraps and Safety Nets: Some thoughts on generational poverty in America (posted January 27) "A broken down car means you can't get to work, and missing even one day of work means you can’t make rent that month. A sick child means you can get fired from a job that keeps you at "part time" status because they don't want to pay you for sick days and holidays."

3. Teens as Young as 13 Rescued From Super Bowl Sex Trafficking

4. A Peaceful Death: Aborting my son was not about when life begins, but how to end it humanely. (posted February 5) "The more surprising and hurtful responses, however, have been from people like my staunchly pro-choice friend who told me that she was jarred by my use of the word son to describe our fetus, as though the moral basis for abortion depends on denying the fetus any semblance of humanity, no matter how close it is to the point of viability, no matter how the woman herself chooses to define her relationship to the fetus." 

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