Friday, January 24, 2014

Chinese Food (Photo Dump)

Fast food. Tofu, peaches, and eggs with tomatoes. (And rice, but in China that's not even worth mentioning.)

I think this was lamb or beef.


Western-style breakfast at a super-expensive hotel.

Oreos and vanilla ice cream. Probably too sweet for most Chinese people.

Here is a carton of milk. But what's this? The straw seems way too short! What's going on???

The straw is actually telescoping. Have you ever heard of that before? It's a disposable straw- seems way over-engineered to me.

Straw expands this far and locks.

Yay then you can drink your milk. (This type of milk doesn't have to be refrigerated, by the way. Yeah it's cow's milk. But different from US milk.)

Pizza at a western bar.

Burger and fries at a western bar.

I told them not to make the chicken too spicy, so they made it really really salty and added rice krispy treats instead. (No those are not actually rice krispy treats.)

南瓜饼(nánguā bǐng). Pumpkin biscuits.

I bought frozen 南瓜饼(nánguā bǐng) and fried them up myself. Nailed it.

Kiwi juice. Can we all just take a moment and marvel at the existence of kiwi juice?

Beef curry.

Fancy hot chocolate.

Fast food. The food's not that great, but man, that bottle of iced tea. I love that stuff.

I bought imported pasta and sauce. And yes I ate it with chopsticks.

Not pictured: cheesecake.
(It's actually a cheese muffin. China has an epidemic of things that are not cakes being translated as "cake.")

So there's this really sweet ice cream place where they mix up the ice cream right there for you.

Liquid nitrogen and all that. (液氮 (yè dàn) in Chinese)

Oreo ice cream. And look at the tiny spoons! If you buy some kind of dessert thing in China I guarantee you will never ever get a "regular-sized" spoon.

Mango smoothie.

Noodles and stuff.

Potato wedges and sausages. Not very Chinese...

Delicious beef with rice and lettuce. And a side of strange tofu-y soup.

香锅(xiāng guō). This is my favorite ever! You get to pick out all the ingredients, and then they fry it up for you.

Chicken curry.

Oh my goodness, have I told you about the wonderfulness that is hot pot? So you have this pot of boiling soup stuff in the middle of your table (the table has a heating element) and then you order various foods and boil them in the hot pot. Amazing.

Foods for the hot pot: potato slices, quail eggs (hardboiled), rice sticks (??? how do we say 年糕 in English???), pork meatballs.

Foods for the hot pot: lamb, potato slices, tofu skin.

My dad brought pancake mix from America. It's almost gone- I need to find somewhere to buy more! I should go to Shanghai- they have everything in Shanghai, right?

Dad also brought syrup from America. So I guess this doesn't count as Chinese food.


  1. Want. Kiwi. Juice.

  2. Ahh, that all looks delicious! And the weird tofu soup is miso soup! So good!