Monday, January 13, 2014



1. Remember the Pastor Trying Out Atheism for a Year? He Just Got Fired by His Christian Employers. Let’s Help Him Out (posted January 6) This blogger is doing an awesome thing. ^_^

2. The American Church's Absence of Lament (posted October 2013) "CCLI tracks the songs that are employed by local churches, and its list of the top 100 worship songs as of August 2012 reveals that only five of the songs would qualify as a lament."

3. Brrr! It's too cold for even a polar bear (posted January 7) "'They're in the snow,' lead animal keeper Kathy Suthard said of the tigers. 'They're rolling. They do have heated beds in their backup area. But usually when I come in e morning, they're lying in the snow. This doesn’t bother them at all.'"

4. Epiphany: Jesus wept. (posted January 6) "And then God Almighty — God who laid the foundation of the earth, who determined its measurements when the morning stars sang together, God who commands the morning and causes the dawn to know its place, God who bound the chains of the Pleiades and loosed the cords of Orion — wept."

5. I Chose the Tears (posted January 6) "And so halfway through my sermon I started to weep. Hard. I described each terror of hell with tears rolling down my face."

6. This dog and cat:

Image source.
7. R. C. Sproul's self-exalting "solidarity" with God's holiness (posted January 9) "If we just read the story at face value, what we come away with is that God is not safe to be around, not that Nadab and Abihu are inexcusably arrogant traitors who deserve to burn in hell forever."

8. How Not to Share the Gospel (posted Dec 11, 2013) "And the more you dig and presume that we must have some secret tragedy that explains why we don’t believe what you do, the angrier I am likely to get at you."

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