Monday, January 20, 2014


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1. Stay-at-home Dad Leaves Post-Its for his Wife (posted January 13) "I don't buy a toy thinking about how much the kid will like playing with it. I buy it based on how much it will hurt when I eventually step on it in the dark."

2. Noah’s Extremely Bad Animal Husbandry Advice (posted December 5, 2013) "If I saw something like that in my neighbor’s garage, I’d call animal welfare."

3. This Nigerian doctor runs his hospital on corn cobs and used bike parts (posted January 9)

4. These kittens:

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5. Unstoppable Grace: Thoughts on the Gay Christian Network Conference (posted January 15) "I speak at dozens of Christian conferences in a given year, and I can say without hesitation that I’ve never attended a Christian conference so energized by the Spirit, so devoid of empty showmanship or preoccupation with image, so grounded in love and abounding in grace."

6. China's noisy dancing retirees have local residents up in arms (posted January 19) Posting this because it is SO TRUE. There are always groups of old people dancing outside in the evenings in China.

7. Ask an Open Theist (Greg Boyd)... Response (posted January 16) "But when events take place that God knew were improbable, it makes sense to say he experiences something like surprise."

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