Monday, December 17, 2012


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1. The Dark Stories (posted December 10) "Those who seek to glorify biblical womanhood have forgotten the dark stories. They have forgotten that the concubine of Bethlehem, the raped princess of David’s house, the daughter of Jephthah, and the countless unnamed women who lived and died between the lines of Scripture exploited, neglected, ravaged, and crushed at the hand of patriarchy are as much a part of our shared narrative as Deborah, Esther, Rebekah, and Ruth."

2. Photograph Of Little Boy Wearing Pink Shoes To Preschool Sparks Heated Blogosphere Debate (posted December 11) Should parents let their sons wear pink shoes to preschool? Or, a better question, why in the world is this even a controversial thing? Who cares? Geez.

3. While Shepherds Watched Their Blogs By Night (posted December 12) I lolled.

4. Mythbusting Princess Leia's Hair (posted in 2010) I have totally tried to do my hair like Princess Leia many times. In my opinion, the world needs more analysis of hair physics.

5. The perils and potential of N.A.L.T. (Not All Like That) (posted December 13) "That’s a minimal threshold of human decency, not the pinnacle of discipleship."

6. Invisible women and the God who sees (posted December 13)

7. Fuck Everything, Nation Reports (posted December 14) The Onion says what we were all thinking.


  1. That blog by Nation exemplies appropriate use of expletives. I'm glad they said it, and glad they said it the way they did. Nothing else suffices.

  2. Unfortunately, with regards to the "Not All Like That" blog post-- the Christians who most need to hear their fellow-Christians saying, "We're not all like that," are the very ones who would respond, "Then you're not part of us at all."