Monday, December 10, 2012


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1. Why I Never Play Hard To Get (posted November 9) Yes! The idea that women are supposed to "play hard-to-get" leads to the assumption that when a woman says "no", what she REALLY wants is the guy to try harder. Wow, that's pretty messed-up. Why don't we just have, you know, honest communication?

2. On Modesty and Male Privilege (posted December 5) "If men are skeezy pervs, that's decidedly an issue for men to address."

3. CHRISTIANS: 4 tips for talking to your gay friends (posted December 4) A great video from Justin Lee.

4. Good News (posted December 6)  "For the first time in the history of public education in Saudi Arabia, new textbooks will feature photographs of women."

5. When the War on Christmas Goes Too Far... (posted December 7) An atheist blogger comments on an issue where residents of a senior apartment complex were told their Christmas tree in the apartment's common area needed to be removed. He calls it for what it is- ridiculous.

6. Why Does a Southern Drawl Sound Uneducated to Some? (posted December 7) Accents and stereotypes.

7. Your Husband Will Never Be Edward Cullen (posted December 6) "All of those beliefs are present in Twilight. Love is irresistible. Love is natural. It will satisfy your inner soul. It will be intensely emotional at every moment. All lies."

8. Women, Bodies, & Temples of the Holy Spirit (posted December 7) "Over time, I realized that the teaching that our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit directly counteracted every other lesson being taught to young women about their bodies."

9. Why Should We Care About Privilege? (posted December 7) "The point of me realizing that I have the privilege of being an able-bodied person is not so I can feel bad about all the people out there who do not have the same physical abilities as me."

10. Help. (posted December 1) "Do you want to give food? Add up its retail price. Take that money out of your wallet. Flush 90% of it down the toilet. Send the food bank the rest. You’re still helping more than if you gave the food."

11. Africa For Norway Oh no! Apparently Norwegians are all sad and pathetic, freezing to death, and Africans are saving them by sending radiators.


  1. what about China? peaked. I live in Asia so always peaked for more.

  2. Yep, I write about China and speaking Chinese, and I'm planning to move to China early next year. (And hopefully I'll be blogging even more about China then.) Here are some of those posts:
    I speak Chinese, and that's not amazing
    Stop saying "It's not a religion."
    Having it all... on my own terms
    <a href=">The Four Tones Are Totally Not That Bad</a>

    By the way, what country do you live in?

  3. Just popping up to mention that I really enjoyed "Why Should We Care About Privilege?"

  4. Thank you! And thanks to perfectnumber for including it in the blogaround!

  5. P.S. The "playing hard to get" thing is so messed up. Will be writing more on this later.

  6. Agreed. But I've heard this advice even from Christians- "Guys like having a chase, a mystery, so don't reveal how you feel right away, don't be too forward." Completely baffled as to what that means in a practical sense.

    But now I think people should just have like, honest communication. I know, it's a radical new idea, right? :)