Monday, October 1, 2012


1. "Every Person Is Afraid of the Drones": The Strikes' Effect on Life in Pakistan (posted September 25)

2. Call It Maybe (NFL Replacement Officials Parody) (posted September 21) I lolled.

"The jumbo screen showed the replay, I missed it so bad, I missed it so bad, I missed it so so bad."

3. The Simple Things (posted September 26) "The church would let me or they're not Christians." Sometimes obeying God is simpler than we'd like.

(Or is it?)

4. Systems, privilege, and the "Top 200 Church Blogs" list (posted September 25) Why using "objective measures" to determine the "top 200 church blogs" inadvertently produces a list dominated by white, straight men.

5. 113,000 Reasons Why We Love Portuguese (posted September 26) Just a reminder that large sections of the internet are not in English. This makes me smile.

6. More thoughts on Salvation and urgency... (posted September 6) "Too often in our modern era, we have seen methods where we urge, plea and coax for people to come to Christ. High pressure tactics or emotional manipulation can be used." As Christians, if we try to pressure people into believing in Jesus, then evidently we do not really believe in the power of the gospel- we think we need to help it along.

7. Brave and the Legacy of the Anti-Princess (posted July 26) Great article if you are a fan of Disney, feminism, and analyzing things. It's about Disney's non-traditional princesses, non-princesses which are inexplicably (*cough* money *cough*) included in the "Disney princess" line, and princesses/ other women which are left out.

8. Modest is Hottest? The Revealing Truth (posted September 27) "If we are teaching the girls in our lives that the primary objective of modesty is to keep themselves covered so boys and men don’t think sexual thoughts about them, then we are teaching girls they are responsible for other peoples’ thoughts and they are primarily sexual objects in need of covering." Yes! (See also my posts on modesty: here and here.)

9. Feminist Odyssey Blog Carnival, Fourth Edition: Faith & Feminism (posted September 28) Lots of blog posts on the topic of "faith and feminism"- many of them by feminist Christians.

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  1. Thanks for linking to my article. And I enjoyed checking out several of the other links you posted as well. Modest is Hottest made some good points.