Thursday, March 15, 2018


Data and Stephen Hawking, on the set of "Star Trek: The Next Generation." Image source.
1. Non-binary teen celebrates ‘b’nei mitzvah’ (posted March 2) "A synagogue has held the first known gender-neutral “B’nei Mitzvah” in the UK for a non-binary teenager."

2. Stormy Daniels Is Not a Punchline (posted March 10) "By treating her as trashy or tainted or inherently ridiculous because of her job, we send the message that none of Trump’s flaws are worse than being a “porn star.” We make it seem like her mere existence is somehow more embarrassing than his worst offenses. This enormous gap between how we judge women and men is sexist, and bad men rely on it to get away with their actions."

3. How the Activists Who Tore Down Durham's Confederate Statue Got Away With It (posted February 21)

4. Take The Words "Judeo-Christian" Out Of Your Damn Mouth (posted March 1) "No Jew has ever used the term “Judeo-Christian,” because like the Sinbad movie Shazaam, it does not actually exist."

5. Police Officer Wins Settlement From City That Fired Him for Not Shooting a Black Man (posted February 12)

6. This scene from Star Trek: The Next Generation:

We will miss Stephen Hawking <3

7.  Can ‘Black Panther’ Change Chinese Attitudes Toward Race? (posted March 9) "Many job postings specify that only white or “native European” teachers may apply, or demand that candidates submit copies of their passport pages at the very start of the recruitment process in order to screen out people with dark skin."

8. Scott Kelly: NASA Twins Study Confirms Astronaut's DNA Actually Changed In Space (posted March 9) Wow!

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