Thursday, December 29, 2016


Leia orders Han, "Into the garbage chute, flyboy!" as she tosses her blaster away. Image source.
1. White Feminism & The School To Prison Pipeline (posted 2015) "If you are a school-aged black girl, and unexamined internalized racism makes your teacher perceive you as a threat when you act out in the same way as a white classmate, what is your recourse?"

2. How Christians overcome the scandal of a baby God (posted December 24) "What becomes uncomfortably messy is if Jesus is somehow actually revealing God’s true nature when he’s covered in undignified filth."

3. She Killed Her Abuser Before He Could Kill Her-- Then Served 17 Years. Now She's Taking on the System. (posted December 16) [content note: domestic violence]

4. In the Beginning… Shit (posted December 24) "God’s whisper was lost in the roar of humanity gone mad, the long scream of pain from the beginning of time till now, the endless cry of almost-hopelessness against the dark."

5. This is not leaked footage from the Mulan remake. It's better. (posted December 23) Nice!

6. The Toxic-Masculinity-Destroying Magic Movie We Need Right Now (posted December 6) "Men cry a lot in Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them."

7. Germany moves to atone for 'forgotten genocide' in Namibia (posted December 25) [content note: descriptions of genocide]

8. Wall-E and the Meaning of Christmas (posted December 25) Biblical allusions in "Wall-E." Cool!

9. America's Holocaust (posted November 21) "Why don't Americans see the Confederate flag the same way the Germans view the Nazi flag?"

10. How Christianity Stunted My Relational Growth (posted December 26) "I did what Jesus taught us to do and I learned to hate my own life, giving it up for the needs of everyone else, even to the point of ignoring and squelching my own needs in my marriage. It didn’t do what he said it would do, though. It didn’t bring life, it brought death."

11. Interlude: Farewell to a Princess. (posted December 28) "Without Princess Leia, perhaps there wouldn’t have been a Marion Ravenwood, an Ellen Ripley, a Sarah Connor, even perhaps a Katniss Everdeen. She paved the way for unconventional heroines who were capable in their own right."

12. North Carolina is no longer classified as a democracy (posted December 22)


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