Sunday, January 1, 2017

Top 11 Posts from 2016

Happy New Year everyone! Hopefully 2017 will be great~ Hendrix and I are getting married in 2017, so we're excited about that.

I'm proud of a lot of my posts from 2016. Here are the top 5 that got the most page views:

1. I speak evangelical. The Babylon Bee is NOT all fun and games.  "What this 'humor' article is really saying is this: 'How dare anyone think about Jesus in ways other than those that have been approved by the church.'"

2. Purity Baggage "People who date ex-purity-culture girls are taking on a very hard task. Those of us who have rejected purity culture need to unlearn everything we ever knew about dating. We are starting from square 1, with no real understanding of what a healthy relationship is, what consent is, what a vulva is. "

3. Zootopia, an Adorable Disney Cartoon about Systemic Racism "But the animals in Zootopia already believe that predators' ancestry means they are more likely to be violent, so they totally accept the whole 'they are going back to the way they lived thousands of years ago, because of their biology' explanation- even though it's not consistent with the facts. (And whenever one of the characters in the movie said the word 'biology', it was a sure sign they were about to say something really racist.)"

4. In Purity Land, a First Date is a Bigger Decision Than Marriage "Because breaking up is THE WORST THING EVER, you really should decide if you want to marry someone before you ever have a first date."

5. "God has one perfect guy for you!" Yeah, that's not biblical. "Are there ANY women in the bible who followed the purity rules and had good marriages?"

And here are a few others I really like, even though they didn't get the most page views:

1. Accepting Myself (or, I'm Great, and It Doesn't Matter What God Thinks) "Everything was great as long as I held all the correct beliefs which agreed with the beliefs of that version of God."

2. John Piper Said "There Are No Innocent Children" and I am Not the Least Bit Surprised "In short, believing that everyone deserves to go to hell completely warps one's understanding of justice."

3. Noah's Evangelism "That's why there needs to be a flood. That's why God sent an ark. When he looks at us, he sees the ark, covering our sin."

4. Boundaries in Dating: #stillpurityculture "But there is absolutely no justification for extrapolating from there to the very extreme idea that everyone shouldn't have sex before marriage."

5. In Purity Land, Only Straight Men Are Allowed To Have A Sexuality "No one else is allowed to indicate they even have a sexuality, but straight men's sexuality should dictate women's clothing choices."

6. Why I Am Pro-Choice "The pro-life movement is built on the idea that people who get abortions are either evil or clueless, and must be stopped."

Thanks for being wonderful blog readers~

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