Thursday, October 6, 2016


A very happy dog wearing a huge (toy) donut around its neck. Image source.
1. Trump Tax Records Obtained by The Times Reveal He Could Have Avoided Paying Taxes for Nearly Two Decades (posted October 1)

2. Scandals: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) (posted September 25) "No! That is not a blind trust! It's the opposite of one. Almost anything else [Trump] could have said would have been closer to a blind trust. 'Oh I'm gonna put my assets in an upside-down doghouse filled with pudding. Is that a blind trust?'"

3. The Idea That Women Use Guns For Self-Defense Against Men Is A Big Lie (posted September 20) [content note: domestic violence]

4. Why Trump Answered the Wrong Question on Race (posted September 29) "Many black communities are both over-policed and under-policed."

5. Twitter Reveals How God Created Animals "Give it a butt rope."

6. ‘To keep oneself unstained by the world’ (posted September 21) "Look, we’re called to be holy as God is holy. And how does God maintain God’s divine holiness? By avoiding the world — staying apart from it up there in Heaven and not rushing down here to risk getting stained and defiled by us filthy humans." Damn this is good.

7. Report: 50% Of Heaven’s Population Just Assholes Who Begged For Forgiveness At Last Second (posted October 3)

8. My homeschooled friend killed himself, and his family wouldn’t talk about it. (posted October 2) [content note: suicide] "Homeschool kids aren’t supposed to have problems. We were an experiment, a departure from the rest of society. We were meant to be child prodigies, a new species. Our parents raised us in a utopia to be better than everyone else."

9. Did Mark Invent the Sea of Galilee? (posted August 29) "The other canonical Gospels (including John, in my opinion) were based on Mark and had a tendency to correct perceived errors of geography and history in the material they used. How did they deal with Mark’s references to the Sea of Galilee?"

10. Unfounded. (posted September 8) [content note: rape, rapists getting away with it]

11. Making images accessible for people on Twitter. This is important. Let's all do this.

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