Thursday, October 27, 2016


An adorable doggie waits in excitement to be crowned with a paper crown that has the word "yay" on it. Image source.
1. I Found God’s Image in My Son’s Autism (posted October 13) I truly believe that God is with us always, that God is in us, that God feels every emotion we feel. When we are overwhelmed by sounds and smells and bright lights, when everything is just too much for us and we can't understand why other people just don't get it- God is also overwhelmed and scared and frustrated.

2. Historical marker honoring Emmett Till riddled with bullet holes (posted October 23) [content note: racism, violence]

3. On Rape Jokes and Normalizing Assault (posted October 14) [content note: rape culture] "The Harry Potter films never question the fact that Fred and George are selling what are, in essence, a magical date rape drug."

4. Worse Than Trump (posted October 20) "Nothing Trump says or does on Nov. 9 will be nearly as damaging to American democracy as their vile, cowardly, opportunistic, grotesquely selfish ploy to block President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, Merrick Garland."

5. Term and partial birth abortions: the mythical arch-nemeses of the anti-choice movement (posted October 23) "As an OB/GYN I can come up with hundreds of scenarios where a D & X is the medically preferred procedure. Everything I think something is just too catastrophic to happen, the human body surprises me. With the “Partial Birth” abortion ban the government took the safest medical option off the table in most states."

6. Hello! It’s me, your Facebook friend who is apparently racist now (posted October 25)

7. BAD HOMBRES, NASTY WOMEN (ft. "Weird Al" Yankovic) Oh Weird Al. This song is great.

8. The Trump effect? A stunning number of evangelicals will now accept politicians’ ‘immoral’ acts. (posted October 19) I guess they were just kidding about that whole "family values" thing.

9. The Clintons’ Christian marriage: The staggering Evangelical hypocrisy over Hillary’s refusal to divorce Bill (posted October 9)

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