Thursday, October 20, 2016


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1. Forget This “Hillary Is Unlikable” Stuff. Hillary Is Downright Inspiring. (posted October 12) "I am saying she deserves credit for showing up and getting the job done while a psychopath invaded her personal space, lied repeatedly, attempted to degrade her in the basest and vilest terms, and threatened to jail her for the crime of being a successful woman in the public eye."

2. Christian Leaders Call on InterVarsity to Reverse Its Purge of LGBTQ-Affirming Staff (posted October 13) "In its entire history, InterVarsity has never included beliefs about marriage in its statement of faith, purpose statement, or core values."

3. The Evangelical Relationship With God, from an Anthropologist’s Point of View (posted October 12) "They construct God’s interactions out of these personal mental events, mapping the abstract concept ‘God’ out of their mental awareness into a being they imagine and reimagine in ways shaped by the Bible and encouraged by their church community. They learn to shift the way they scan their worlds, always searching for a mark of God’s presence, chastening the unruly mind if it stubbornly insists that there is nothing there." Ooooh this is interesting.

4. Why I Don’t Like Being Called A ‘Gender Neutral Parent’ (posted October 14) "Asking for trucks to be called trucks, not boys’ toys, or for all colors to be open to everyone, is just asking for fairness."

5. Ballroom dance that breaks gender roles "Even within the 'white straight couple only' paradigm: she can't be taller, he can't be shorter. She can't be bolder, he can't be gentler."

6. Donald Trump’s Islamophobic Fear Mongering Is Disgusting (posted October 18) [content note: gun violence, terrorism]

7. Inside InterVarsity's Purge: Trauma and Termination at the Premier Evangelical Student Org (posted October 18) "To staff workers like Vasquez, InterVarsity’s apologies are not sufficient. “You keep saying you’re lamenting our pain, but you won’t repent and acknowledge that you’re the one causing this pain.” Or, as one anonymous student put it, “They want to be able to discriminate but they don’t want to feel bad about it. It’s discrimination. It’s wrong.”"

[content note: the links below are all about Trump]

1. All of Donald Trump’s Accusers: A Timeline of Every Alleged Grope and Assault (posted October 13) [trigger warning] Oh god.

2. Team Because vs. Team Despite (posted October 12)

3. Paul Ryan Doesn’t Understand: Reverence IS Objectification. (posted October 15) "They do respect women– just not the women who get assaulted and victimized by Donald Trump."

4. It’s Not Surprising That Evangelical James Dobson Is Still Supporting a Sex Offender for President (posted October 16) [content note: rape]

5. Physically Attacked by Donald Trump – a PEOPLE Writer’s Own Harrowing Story (posted October 12) [content note: description of sexual assault]

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