Thursday, October 13, 2016


Three pugs strapped into cute box-shaped doggie seats in a convertible. Image source.
1. Don’t Limit Immigrant Women. Give Them Options. (posted October 3) "In other words, if you want to ensure that women only wear the veil out of their own free choice, and not because they’re coerced into doing so, you should do everything you can to accommodate women who wear the veil and to make them feel wanted and included."

2. The Bullying Anti-Asian Racism of Fox News's "Watters' World" (posted October 6) "In a stunning thirty-second clip, Watters asks a man if he knows karate (a Japanese style of martial arts) and then, confusingly enough, proceeds to attempt Tae Kwon Do (a Korean style of martial arts) with nunchucks (which originated in Japan)."

(I also saw articles, in Chinese, on Chinese social media about this. We see you, Fox News. Racism isn't funny.)

3. Black communities: overpoliced for petty crimes, ignored for major ones (posted 2015) "And then, if you can, imagine how you’d feel listening to the folks in the next town over watch the carnage and talk about how it’s all because you have a terrible family and weren’t raised right, and there’s dope so you’re all drug dealers and we all know drug dealers have to shoot each other, and shooting each other is just cultural for people like you, and you and all your friends are vicious, evil super-predators with no regard for human life."

4. This scrap of cloth is one of the saddest artifacts at new DC museum (posted September 23) "'Much of African-American history is not written down; it’s oral history. So the fact that this young girl in 1921 went through the trouble of embroidering the story – she wanted it written down,' Duell said."

5. The danger of ‘radically different’ (posted October 3) Yes. I've definitely had this problem. We were taught in Sunday School that as Christians, we were supposed to "let our light shine" and people would ask us why we are different than the world, why we don't participate in all the immoral stuff that all the other high-school kids were (supposedly) doing, and when they asked, we would be able to "witness to them." I spent a long time imagining that my honesty and kindness made me so different from non-Christians.

6. Aladdin Theory: Genie Owes Aladdin A Wish (posted October 4) "Despite all the stuff he owns, he's still not a prince. He's just a guy who looks like a prince."

[content note: all the links below are about Donald Trump]

1. Trump Is Now Slut-Shaming Alicia Machado on Twitter (posted September 30) "It’s about a man who has been married three times and has had sex with countless other women, a man who has appeared on the cover of Playboy and is accused of ordering waitresses fired for not being pretty enough, slut-shaming a woman and calling her “disgusting” for having a sex tape."

2. Trump Is Triggering Domestic Violence Survivors With Textbook Abusive Behavior (posted September 29) [content note: domestic violence, abuse]

3. Trump: ‘I Know That Was Pretty Bad, But Let’s Just Say You’re Going To Want To Save Your Energy’ (posted October 7) [content note: misogynistic slurs, Trump] From The Onion (parody news site).

4. Donald Trump, Groper in Chief (posted October 7) [content note: sexual assault] Oh this is bad.

5. Donald and Billy on the Bus (posted October 8) [content note: sexual assault, rape culture]

6. Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: S03E25 (HBO) (posted October 9) [content note: sexual assault, Trump] 0:00 to 9:46 is about Trump's misogynistic comments from 2005. "You're going through such an elaborate six-degrees-of-separation exercise to arrive at someone with a Y chromosome that you can feel sorry for."

7. Sam Bee's Take On Pussygate Was Worth the Wait (posted October 11) Very NSFW.

8. The Daily Show - Fallout from Donald Trump's P***ygate Scandal (posted October 11)

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