Saturday, October 1, 2016


A scared-looking dog stands on a chair, presumably to keep away from the four tiny kittens looking up at it. Image source.
1. Vagina Dispatches episode one: the vulva – video (posted September 23) [NSFW] "Before we started this, I couldn't draw a vagina. Everyone can draw a dick."

2. Police Are Not the Problem (posted September 23) "The system thrives by deflecting blame onto individuals who are only carrying out its mandate. It benefits when we talk about 'bad apples' and 'rogue cops.'"

3. Dismantling the Media’s Myths About Schizophrenia (posted September 24)

4. Last night’s debate, or the mansplaining Olympics (posted September 27) "CLINTON: (makes carefully neutral facial expression that must have taken 10 weeks to practice)"

5. The first debate featured an unprepared man repeatedly shouting over a highly prepared woman (posted September 26) "There were many differences between the candidates on display in this contest, but the most consequential one was that Clinton displayed the basic personal qualities necessary to be president. Trump didn’t."

6. Hillary Clinton Has Mastered the 'Woman Listening' Face (posted September 26) Lololol you must watch this video.

7. “Things Didn’t Used To Be This Divided” (posted September 23) "Black parents have long had to have “the talk” with their children, teaching their children how to look and act as nonthreatening as possible when encountering police—because they know that simply having black skin will be interpreted as a threat. It’s just that until recently, most white Americans were blissfully unaware of this."

And happy National Day from China!

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