Thursday, July 23, 2015

Everyone Needs to Calm Down About Planned Parenthood and Go Read This

Go read this post: On science
I'm sure it won't be the last time I have to say it, but damn I'm getting tired of saying it....When a fetus is aborted by the D & X procedure, it's a wanted child but the pregnancy has gone wrong...horribly, horribly wrong. Sometimes the fetus has fatal or quality-of-life defects and the parents decide the humane thing is termination. There are other instances where the mother's life, health or future fertility are at risk.

And guess what, pro-lifers? If you get the fuck out of the way and stop playing "gotcha" and setting up front groups with no other purpose than to entrap a Planned Parenthood (only 3% of their work is abortions) official discussing a topic that is inherently unpleasant on hidden camera so they can heavily edit the footage, research can happen and less wanted children will die. These people are so monomaniacally stupid it makes me want to scream.
Seriously. Read. The whole thing.


  1. This is a good article. I've been kind of frustrated at the response because it seems to be purely emotional. I'm not criticizing emotions, since I believe emotions are probably just as important as reason, but you need more than pure emotion in any debate, especially one as complex as this.

  2. Yes, absolutely. When I was around 6 months pregnant with my first child, I happened to read two lengthy articles about D&X abortion because they happened to be in the magazines I was reading. I vividly remember sitting in Panera eating my lunch and turning the page to see a diagram of a curette being inserted into a fetus's head, and just then my fetus moved inside me, and I put my hand down and he rubbed his little head against it...and of course I felt very emotional...but within about 30 seconds I thought, "But nobody will stab my Thumper unless I choose it, and the only reason I or anyone would choose it is if all the other options were even worse." Then I was able to put my emotions where they belonged: feeling sad for people who are faced with a narrow range of only terrible choices dealing with an unbearably sad situation, instead of trying to ban a medical procedure because it's yucky.

    The article makes a great point about people getting paid to do medical jobs of all kinds, even when (and actually, perhaps especially when) those jobs are morally difficult and viscerally disgusting, because they are jobs. It is not immoral to be paid for your work.

  3. What strikes me is that until reading this article, it never occurred to me that the late-term abortions they were talking about must be happening because of some huge terrible health problems. The anti-abortion crowd has down a great job of portraying women who get abortions as soulless monsters who want to kill their totally healthy fetuses for no good reason.