Monday, July 27, 2015


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1. Rev. Franklin Graham: “We Should Stop All Immigration of Muslims to the U.S.” (posted July 19) Oh my god.

2. Death Of Woman Found Hanged In Texas Jail Cell Will Be Investigated As Murder (posted July 21)

3. “Some Responsibility”: Evangelicals’ Shifting LGBT Rhetoric (posted July 20) "You can’t call same-sex marriages “fundamentally sinful” and then act like this is somehow totally separate from the “contempt, disgust, and hatred” so many Americans still feel for gay and lesbian individuals."

4. This ask on Dianna Anderson's tumblr. (posted July 22) "All the people from my college fellowship would not think I'm a true Christian for these beliefs."

5. When Love Is Abuse (posted July 16) "I, too, would have rejected the idea that my mother did not feel love for me. I knew her actions were wrong, I knew that it hurt and that I only wanted out and that at some point I didn’t care if I ever saw her again (or so I told myself), but to suggest that my mother did not feel something for me—no. She clearly did, else why go through all that trouble?" Well said. Go read this post.

6. When America Went To Hell (posted July 15) "Despite a great “revival,” a nation of Christians was thrust into a hell of cannonballs, Gatling guns, field hospitals, and amputation saws. Great cities were set aflame and fields were littered with thousands of rotting corpses. The fires were not quenched and the maggots did not die. What had gone wrong? Millions had “accepted Jesus” and shouted hosanna, but they did not know the things that make for peace. They prayed a sinner’s prayer, “got right with God,” and kept their slaves. They had a faith that would justify the sinner while bringing no justice to the slave. They had faith that gave them a ticket to heaven... and a highway to hell."

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