Monday, June 29, 2015


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1. The Gospel is Not Clickbait (posted June 22) "But now we are left with the not-altogether-surprising fact that these supposedly Christian sites blatantly lied to us in order to get us to click on something."

2. The Confederate flag symbolizes white supremacy — and it always has (posted June 22) "White mobs at the University of Alabama carried Confederate flags when they threw rocks at Autherine Lucy, the university's first black student, before the university decided to expel her rather than protect her."

3. Obama said the n-word to make a point. The media's reaction proved him right. (posted June 22) "There's much more interest in covering discrete incidents of outright racism than there is in covering subtler but still influential ways that racial bias shapes society."

4. Pre-Flight Checklist: Remove Cat (posted June 23) "Never before has a man’s face said “there’s a cat on the wing of my plane” with such unequivocal clarity."

5. The Homophobia of Focus on the Family, Samaritan’s Purse, and Franklin Graham (posted June 10) "When Wells Fargo hosed and took advantage of the poor by giving them sub prime mortgages they couldn’t afford, Focus on the Family, Samaritan’s Purse, and Franklin Graham said nothing."

6. Is Your Trans Allyship Half-Baked? Here Are 6 Mistakes That Trans Allies Are Still Making (posted June 22)

7. Lego Wants to Replace Plastic Blocks With Sustainable Materials (posted June 23) "The company uses more than 6,000 tons of plastic annually to manufacture its products, according to NBC News."

8. Thoughts on Christian Marriage Teachings, Part One (posted June 23) "the idea that God had to be the center of my marriage, and all that entails, was disastrous for my marriage."

9. Dear Christians: Save Your Prayers If You Won’t Confront Racism (posted June 23) "So, unless you are ready to confront racism in America, save your prayers. They aren’t fooling anyone. They are not fooling me. And rest assured, they aren’t fooling God."

10. Jurassic World: The Series (posted June 22) "I’m going to go out on a limb here and suggest that the successful park might have been more interesting than yet another installment of 'People Run Away From Dinosaurs: The Movie'." I AGREE 100%.

11. Rachel Dolezal Is Ruining My Light-Skinned Black Life (posted June 17)

12. Supreme Court rules states must allow same-sex marriage (posted June 26) Hooray!!!

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