Monday, June 1, 2015


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1. ‘Erotic liberty’ — Al Mohler’s new slur is really a sad confession (posted May 21) "The phrase, as Mohler is trying to use it, only makes sense if you accept Mohler’s premise — which is that “erotic” has, and can only have, negative connotations."

2. Jesus and the Beelzebul Controversy: A Devilish Synoptic Puzzle (posted May 20) Cool stuff.

3. Why I Hate The Most Popular Verse on Twitter (Philippians 4:13) (posted May 21) "In short, Philippians 4:13 has become about winning."

4. Out of Sight (posted 2014) "In terms of being able to live a quality, independent life without sight, the Internet has been the most dramatic change in the lives of blind people since the invention of Braille."

Links about the Duggars:

5. When a Good Offense is the Best Defense for Abuse (posted May 25) "Growing up Quiverfull taught me to hide family secrets through misdirection, offering up my ultra-modest wardrobe and political rants and Bible memorization trophies to public scrutiny so that no one would guess the horrors happening behind the scenes."

6. The Duggars: How Fundamentalism's Teachings on Sexuality Create Predatory Behavior (posted May 23) "He can't think about sex, because that is sin. Of course, he can’t masturbate either, because that is sin. He can’t even be friends with a girl. In fact, he his kept physically separated from them. He is staring at having to completely satisfy his future father-in-law before he can even try a relationship, and that could be many years down the road if financial prosperity doesn’t come quickly."

7. I’m Tired of Talking about Bill Gothard & the Duggars (posted May 26) "I’m tired of watching them fumble around with dramatic heaviness the “oh my god can you believe this scandal?” when it was my fucking life for twenty years."

8. It's Not Only About Josh Duggar, It's Also About An Entire SYSTEM of Abuse (posted May 27) "Especially in spiritually abusive environments, people are told that forgiveness is the same thing as reconciliation. We are told we must accept the abuser’s apology and allow him/her back into our lives."

9. All of these posts from Libby Anne:
When the Perpetrators Matter More than the Victims
How Christian Culture Excuses Sex Offenders
Josh Duggar’s Lies, Damn Lies, and Half Truths
It Took This for People to Listen?

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