Monday, June 15, 2015


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1. The Sleeping Beauty Problem (that's a youtube video, here's a link to the wikipedia page.) Fascinating math stuff.

2. Proportional Map of the World's Largest Languages (posted June 8) Cool!

3. This incredibly useful flowchart about when to use "tu" and "vous."

4. 400 people have been imprisoned in Riker's Island for at least 2 years without ever being convicted (posted June 10) "Call it what it really is - the injustice system, the New Jim Crow, modern slavery, but don't call it justice and don't call it an accident."

5. Exploring what it means when police refuse to provide medical attention to their victims (posted June 2) "What is the appropriate ethical human response to shooting or injuring someone who you soon find didn't actually pose the threat to you that you expected?" This is a must-read. #BlackLivesMatter

6. J.R. Daniel Kirk on the heart of the gospel (This is not an Official Statement of a stance on an issue) (posted June 10) "And he knows that just because certain biblical texts unambiguously state one claim, that does not make that claim the final or the only biblical teaching on the matter."

7. Are the Duggars Victims of Christian Persecution? (posted June 8) "Indeed, I’ve long been concerned by the prevailing media narrative about the Duggars. The girls’ courtships have been portrayed as wholesome and quaint, with all of the layers of control and unhealthy teaching papered over."

8. About Rachel Dolezal the Undercover Sista and Performing Blackness (posted June 14) "It’s a one way street, and it’s really just another privilege that white people can claim. They could put on wigs and be Black because they listen to Jay-Z but we cannot be white no matter how much Barry Manilow we love. And no matter how straight we make our hair."

9. The problem with saying race is fluid is that it only applies to white people (posted June 12) "Claiming that race is fluid seems to be yet another example of white privilege."

About McKinney:

1. Texas Police Officer On Administrative Leave After Pulling Weapon On Teens During Pool Party (posted June 7) What the hell.

2. Protesters seek firing of Texas police officer who drew gun on teens at McKinney pool party (posted June 8)

3. This Is What It's Like (posted June 8) "I need you to know that whatever feelings I had as I watched this unfold, whatever pain I felt, whatever reaction I had, God had tenfold. God felt every yank and pull. God felt every shooting pain and press of the body. God felt her sobs. For God knows the violence of this world, is intimately aware of state-sanctioned brutality."

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