Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Chinese Pizza Hut is a Nice Restaurant

I took my boyfriend out on a super-romantic date at Pizza Hut. Pizza Hut in China is a legit nice restaurant. Check it out.

A few pictures of the outside:

The Chinese name for Pizza Hut is 必胜客 [bì shèng kè].

Here is the inside of the restaurant:

No chopsticks here.

Here's the front cover of the menu. The slogan for the Chinese side of Pizza Hut is "Pizza and More."

This menu shows the deals they're doing each day of the week. You can buy a certain dinner package for 2 people at a discount.

Here's the page in the regular menu about the meal packages. My boyfriend and I bought this one for 149 RMB. It included a choice of one regular pizza or one pan pizza plus another main dish, appetizer, soup, salad, drink, and ice cream.

Some more pictures from the menu. There are a few pages about all different kinds of pizza you can get.

Here's the alcohol menu.

Here's the pasta menu.

Here's the steak menu.

Hooray, our food came! First, they brought drinks. Here's my milk tea.

Potato salad! You guys! I rarely encounter people who even know what potato salad is. YOU GUYS. This potato salad was the best. (By which I mean, very normal American-style potato salad. Plus bacon bits.)

We got potato soup too:

Here are our little chicken skewer things, wrapped in bacon:

Fried rice. (The bowl had a funny angle in its design, so it's hard to get a sense of what it looked like from 2D photos...)

Very small pan pizza. Hawaiian pizza, you guys. (Chinese Pizza Hut tastes the same as American Pizza Hut.)

Ice cream:

Very small spoon.
I didn't eat the whole pizza so I got a box for it. My boyfriend actually didn't eat any of this pizza at all- he doesn't like cheese. Chinese cooking doesn't really ever use cheese.

That's all. :) The whole meal cost 149 RMB, which is about $25. And that's actually what it cost. Not like on American menus, where it says $10 but you know after tax and tip it's going to be like 12 or 13. That's actually one of my favorite things about China- the price it says is the price it actually is.

I had a great time at Chinese Pizza Hut. It's nice having real American food.

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  1. Woah! I wish they had Chinese Pizza Hut here in America! (Weirdest sentence ever. haha.)