Monday, March 23, 2015


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1. Leprechaun Traps and the Terrible Lessons They Teach (posted March 17) "Today, thousands — if not millions — of elementary school children learned that it was okay to trap and capture another sentient creature as long as it’s in the pursuit of wealth and treasure."

2. Every Female Character in Every Disney/Pixar Animated Movie From the Past Decade Basically Has the Same Face (posted March 18)

3. Can You Change a Woman’s Mind in the Walk Up to an Abortion Clinic? (posted March 19) "There’s no evidence that activists are succeeding in changing women’s minds. What is succeeding is the one thing the Supreme Court intended: People who believe abortion is murder are able to share that message with those who least want to hear it."

4. Ravens Lineman John Urschel Loves Math More Than You Love Anything (posted March 20) "Baltimore Ravens offensive lineman John Urschel recently had a math paper—titled "A Cascadic Multigrid Algorithm for Computing the Fiedler Vector of Graph Laplacians"—published in the Journal of Computational Mathematics. You think you love math? You don't love math. John Urschel loves math."

5. one big reason why so many young people are giving up on the Bible–and their faith (posted March 18) "Deliberately creating a culture where the sometimes overwhelming difficulties of joining contemporary faith and ancient text are a welcome and expected conversation and where the outcomes of those conversations are not predetermined." Oh goodness, that would be revolutionary.

6. Why Evangelical Christianity Doesn’t Make You a Better Person (posted March 17) "I cut a long-awaited vacation short and drove 450 miles, getting in at nearly 2:00 in the morning so that I could then get up and be there for all of the events surrounding my daughter’s baptism. I sat through an hour-long ritual that made me sick to my stomach and I smiled and said all the appropriate things and pretended that none of what I was enduring was repulsive to me." That's love.

7. How I learned to stop clobber-texting and love George Bailey (posted March 16) "It would be unjust, they said, to apply a rule meant to prohibit the exploitation of the poor in such a way that it resulted in harming the very people the rule was originally meant to protect." A-frickin-men.

8. Modern Worship Music is Foreplay, Or Why I Hate Going to Church (posted March 6) "There’s a time and place for communal worship, but it seems that modern Protestant, charismatic worship gives us all the emotional (and often vaguely sexual) release with none of the support and follow up it requires."

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