Monday, March 30, 2015


"u lucky he holdin me back." Image source.
1. The Price of Shame (posted March 21) TED talk by Monica Lewinsky. It's fantastic.

2. Monogamy Isn’t Biblical, It’s Roman (posted March 24) "Indeed, the entire Old Testament is, to my knowledge, bereft of any suggestion that marriage is only to be between one man and one woman. Instead, polygamy is treated as normal and accepted and, for the wealthy and powerful, even expected."

3. A Conversation Between The Two People I Assume Design All Restaurant Bathrooms (posted March 25)

4. Everyone's Trying Really Hard Not to Call the Germanwings Co-Pilot a Terrorist (posted March 27) "White people can't be terrorists."

5. Duck Dynasty’s loveless ethics and ... the Aristocrats! (posted March 26) "What Robertson is telling us — proudly! — is that there is one, and only one reason that he personally refrains from breaking into a family’s home, raping and murdering the children, decapitating the wife, and castrating the husband."

6. Let's get this straight: depression does not make people a danger to society (posted March 29) "By casually linking depression, in general, with the nightmarish image of a devastating plane crash, and by suggesting that it was dangerous for Germanwings to employ someone simply for having depression, it sent a worrying message."

7. Dear Christianity, I Have a Few Questions (posted March 23) "Save your Bible verses and your doctrines about original sin and utter depravity. You had one job. I don’t trust you anymore."

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