Monday, March 9, 2015


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1. The Gospel in an Age of Public Shame (posted February 23) "The opposite of Western shame is self-esteem—I feel good about myself ... The opposite of Eastern shame is honor—others thinking highly of me."

2. The Power Team, or how evangelicals accidentally lie to kids (posted February 27) "But every Christian leader I ever knew came down incredibly hard on us children for the sin of 'lying by omission', and from where I’m sitting, neglecting to mention that the Power Team needed knee reconstructions looks a lot like lying by omission."

YOU GUYS, the Power Team came to my church in the 90s and I totally went and saw them. Big scary guys.

3. Fewer Women Run Big Companies Than Men Named John (posted March 2)

4. Wild Panda Population Up Dramatically in China, Government Says (posted March 2)

5. This incredibly helpful dog.

6. Not That There's Anything Wrong with That: Seinfeld, Satire, and Self-Deprecation (posted February 27?) "When they contact their lawyer, Jackie Chiles, he exclaims, 'You don’t have to help anybody. That’s what this country is all about!'"

7. The Myth Of The Absent Black Father (posted January 2014) "...the CDC found that black dads are more involved with their kids on a daily basis than dads from other racial groups."

8. Have We Made the Bible into an Idol? (posted March 5) "The only religious worldview that makes the Bible the last and only word, is that of a God who is no longer living."

9. Folding fractions (posted March 2) How to fold a piece of paper into thirds. And any other fraction.

10. China Blocks Web Access to ‘Under the Dome’ Documentary on Pollution (posted March 6) This documentary on China's air pollution went viral on the Chinese internet this week. Now it's been deleted from all the Chinese video hosting sites. You can still watch it on youtube (there are even English subtitles).

11. 10 ways white people are more racist than they realize (posted March 5) "Another study found that emergency room personnel are less likely to give African American and Latino/Hispanic children pain medication, even when they are experiencing severe abdominal pain."

12. Ferguson Police Routinely Violate Rights of Blacks, Justice Dept. Finds (posted March 3) "Those findings reinforce what the city’s black residents have been saying publicly since the shooting in August, that the criminal justice system in Ferguson works differently for blacks and whites."

13. Consent explained perfectly in cups of tea (posted March 8) "If they are unconscious, don't make them tea. Unconscious people don't want tea and can't answer the question 'do you want tea' because they are unconscious."

14. How I Became An Atheist Who Wanted To Save Christians From Hell (posted March 4) "I hate how it often seems to give Christians tunnel vision when it comes to friends they care about, prompting Christians who love their non Christian friends to see these friends as in danger of hellfire instead of seeing them as the beautifully awesome incarnations of humanity they are."

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