Monday, March 16, 2015


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1. Duang: The word with no meaning that broke the Internet in China (posted March 6) Oh geez, yes. The word "duang" is all over Chinese social media. It's not even a real word. Because Jackie Chan.

2. How I’m Overcoming Shame in My Sex Life (posted March 10) "When I got married I’d never heard anyone talk about experiencing guilt and shame that wasn’t related to past experiences or regrets. I thought something was wrong with me." This article makes a really good case against purity culture, and then at the end adds a line about how sex should still be just for marriage. So.

3. Christian Hypocrites Denounce “Day of Silence” While Remaining Silent About Pro-Life Version of the Event (posted March 12)

4. 32 Moments In History (As Covered By the Modern Media) (posted March 6) "10 Commandments you need to follow everyday. (You won't believe number 7!)"

5. Scalia’s Embarrassing Question (posted March 11) "The Supreme Court has repeatedly declined to hold that the federal Constitution allows for so-called freestanding claims of innocence, that is, the right to be let out of prison simply because you didn’t do it, without any other “technical” violation to back up your argument."

6. 3 Things We Should Stop Doing to the Old Testament (posted March 6) "Many kids who’ve gone through years of Sunday school and youth group Bible lessons grow into adults who have a very different and one-dimensional view of humanity, God, and the Old Testament. When (if) they discover these stories for themselves, or when they’re confronted by a skeptic with the dark side of many of them, they’re surprised and can feel misled."

7. Why White People Freak Out When They're Called Out About Race (posted March 12) "When I’m doing a workshop, I’ll often ask the people of color in the room, somewhat facetiously, 'How often have you given white people feedback about our inevitable and often unconscious racist patterns and had that go well for you?' And they laugh."

8. I love this song:

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