Monday, June 10, 2013


Any pokemon nerds out there who laughed at this as much as I did? Image source.

1. 'Black virgin' condemned to die (posted June 3) [trigger warning: rape] "'They told me I am not a real man,' Kainat’s brother, Sabir tells the film-makers, Habiba Nosheen and Hilke Schellmann, '[that] you failed to follow your tradition, you failed to kill your sister.'"

2. I'm Biracial, and That Cheerios Ad Is a Big Fucking Deal. Trust Me. (posted May 31) "When my maternal grandmother came to pick us up from daycare, despite being on the authorized pick-up list, they made sure to call my dad to make sure this black lady was legit."

3. Women Aren’t Cake, Part 2: The Cake Is a Lie (posted June 5) "This cake is personal; this cake is targeting you. Getting this cake to respect your boundaries would take a restraining order. Equating this sort of cake-harassment to women who are wearing bikinis in their natural environment — the beach, the pool — is a tremendously false comparison, one that assumes that if a woman is wearing something 'immodest' she is doing it at men, deliberately, in a malicious attempt to sabotage their self-control."

4. 22 Maps That Show How Americans Speak English Totally Differently From Each Other (posted June 5) Man-aze.

5. It’s Not The Bible’s Fault. You Might Just Be A Bad Dad (posted May 30) "If you’re incompetent in caring for your children, please don’t drag my entire gender along with you."

6. Dear God, Let Me Be 'Skinny' Pregnant (posted June 3) "We place primary importance on a woman's appearance even during a time when her principal responsibility is to grow and nuture a child."

7. Why the Church can support “breadwinning” wives too (posted June 6) "It is inexcusable for pastors to take to their pulpits to demean families who are sharing the workload, sometimes barely making ends meet, and label them 'failures.' This is exactly what Jesus was talking about when he criticized the religious leaders for 'tying up heavy burdens' and placing them on people’s backs."

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  1. I love the Umbreoff! I really enjoyed Pokemon when the kids were little-- until there came to be so many kinds I got lost.

  2. Hahahaha "until there came to be so many kinds I got lost"- ME TOO.