Monday, June 17, 2013


So cute! And there's more where that came from: Image source.

1. Return of the Ewoks: Star Wars Themed Sushi (posted June 2) Ewoki sushi! This is amazing.

2. A Contribution to the Mathematical Theory of Big Game Hunting "We construct a semi-permeable membrane which lets everything but lions pass through. This we drag across the desert." As a math nerd, I find this whole page hilarious.

3. Why you shouldn't use a toss for overtime (posted May 10) "...we propose that football teams bargain over the yard line from which play starts by bidding on its location."

4. Loving Day in Real Life (posted June 12) "I was, however, aware that interracial couples had been illegal in many states until even the recent past. Reading the story of the Lovings reminded me how much I take for granted the work done to make my marriage a non-issue in the eyes of the law."

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5. A Pastor and A Kicked Shut Door (posted June 5) "And it shoots a thousand inexpressible insults, a thousand sharp cuts. A thousand ways that say your words, your story, your pain, don’t matter at all."

6. Chinese spaceship blasts off from Gobi Desert (posted June 11) Cool!

7. War Photographer: Sarah Bessey (posted April 18) "I was full of ideas – I would write stories about my interactions with my neighbours! with my co-workers! with my friends! with strangers at the park! with the poor and marginalised in my city! ... Church people would learn from my arguments disguised as stories. ... In my rush to tell stories about missional living, I had dehumanized my friends and my neighbours."

8. Where's the Sanctuary? (posted June 5) "She told me she didn't know why she was there, she'd never stepped foot in a church before, she didn't know where else to go. She was lost, she said. Tears began to well in her dazed eyes, and the purpose of her visit came with them. ... If the Church is to lead people to the foot of the Cross, then we better have a damn good answer when the world asks, 'Um, excuse me. Where is the Sanctuary?'"

9. Smokin’ Hot Conversations: Amy Thedinga on the Seduction Myth (posted June 7) "Growing up in the church, I received this message a thousand different ways. ... You are a sexual vortex that I may get sucked in to."

10. Love Opens the Door: A Plea to American Churches Regarding Gay Scouts (posted June 13) "What disassociation from the Scouts would communicate to a community, (perhaps inadvertently), is that people with same-sex attraction are under no circumstances welcome in a Southern Baptist church, even if it’s through a separate community organization like the Boy Scouts."

11. This photo is awesome:

12. How Modesty Made Me Fat (posted 2011) "When you argue that what’s modest and what isn’t is a valid concern for women, you tell them that their appearance matters most. You objectify them. You tell them that whether or not you are sexually aroused by their actions or their dress is more important than anything they want to do or wear. You tell them that they must, at all times, be thinking about you when they are making decisions about their own lives. That’s arrogant. That’s immoral."

13. Want to Change the World? Sponsor a Child (posted June 14) "In all six countries, we find that sponsorship results in better educational outcomes for children. Overall, sponsorship makes children 27 to 40 percent more likely to complete secondary school, and 50 to 80 percent more likely to complete a university education."

14. Questions from Christians #2: “Why do gay people want to redefine marriage? What’s their real goal?” (posted June 14) "You don’t have to agree with these guys in order to understand their pain."

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