Monday, June 3, 2013


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1. The Bible Isn’t Perfect And It Says So Itself (posted May 28) "Biblical inerrancy is certainty grounded in fear and the need for control. Allow for any 'error' in the Bible, so the inerrantists claim, and how can you trust any of it? The answer to this supposedly challenging question is actually quite simple. Faith."

2. Broadway vs. community theater: Why pastors and presidents are not CEOs (posted May 23) "If you’re in charge of a business, then you simply fire the bunglers and the screw-ups, the Snouts and the Starvelings. Or you never hire them in the first place. What becomes of them after they’re fired, or if no one ever hires them? Not your problem. Not your concern."

3. I don’t write for an audience of One (posted May 29) "But the desire to share these thoughts and experiences—to be heard, to be understood, to be recognized, to be affirmed—is not inherently selfish. It’s good. It’s holy. It’s challenging. It’s fun."

4. Pregnant El Salvador woman denied life-saving abortion (posted May 29)

5. When I Needed an Affirming Church (posted May 29) "Because I can’t hear Him when I feel alien, alone, uninvited to the party. I can’t hear Him because I was wounded too many times and now, all I see are misplaced motives and suspect eyes. I can’t hear him when the walk of faith ahead is full of barricade after barricade thwarting my every step."

6. Greatest Wedding Photo In the History of the World (posted May 29) THERE IS A DINOSAUR.

7. What kind of Asian are you? I lolled.

8. Special K, The Fat Shaming Cereal (posted May 22) "I love long lazy summer afternoons, but according to advertisements like this, I shouldn't be able to enjoy this because I am fat."

9. You Can Have Your Hell: John Piper and the Brokenness of a Hell-Based Gospel (posted May 23) "We have given the specter of Hell such primacy in our Gospel that it has turned us into unsympathetic robots. We have made Hell necessary in a way that distorts, twists, and destroys the Gospel."

10. There's Probably Someone Somewhere Who's Said That (posted May 21) "'Said no one ever' comments showcase this same kind of self-focused, limited understanding of other people's diversity of thoughts and opinions that we see in children."

11. The Day I Stopped Believing in God (posted May 23) "If that is who God is, then He is a monster. And I do not want to worship him, and I will not love him."

12. The Opposite Of Empathy (posted May 17) "We don't want to think about a situation in which we would ever have to remove a part of our body that was seemingly healthy. And so when someone does this, our instinctual reaction is to find a reason why that decision was wrong, to preserve our belief that we will never have to remove healthy parts of our own body."

13. Immodesty and Lust: A Man's Perspective (posted May 7) "On this issue we men are our father’s—Adam’s—children. On no other issue do we men so unabashedly play our father’s card: God, it was that woman you put here..."

14. In which I know, I’m sorry, and I hope I was kind (posted May 29) "I judged the people who helped usher me into this new season of my life in Christ, and I found them wanting so I held them up in my mind or in public for mockery and slander."

15. Chocolate Cake Can't Consent (posted May 31) "It’s interesting to note the ease with which the author can argue that she wants men to see women as people, and not as sex objects, while comparing women to inanimate objects and without ever mentioning the term consent."

16. when i hope all men might be saved (posted May 30) "Maybe the gate stays open. Maybe until the very last one. Until the very last one is ready to walk through."

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