Thursday, January 19, 2017


The kingdom of heaven is like a queer dance party in front of Mike Pence's house.
1. Congratulations Anti-Trafficking Activists, You Just Put The People You “Care” About In Danger (posted January 10) "No one impacted by this is celebrating."

2. If God Is So Pro-Death Penalty, What About Cain and Abel? (posted January 11) "Conservative Evangelicals have long told me that if we want to see God’s best, God’s original intent, than we need to go back to Genesis and use that as our standard."

3. Zhou Youguang, Who Made Writing Chinese as Simple as ABC, Dies at 111 (posted January 14) "Since then, Pinyin (the name can be translated as “spelled sounds”) has vastly increased literacy throughout the country; eased the classroom agonies of foreigners studying Chinese; afforded the blind a way to read the language in Braille; and, in a development Mr. Zhou could scarcely have foreseen, facilitated the rapid entry of Chinese on computer keyboards and cellphones."

4. The Evangelical Social Construction of Virginity (posted January 13) "In using virginity as a test of value, we perpetuate the notion that women in the church are not valuable because they are active agents leading in the Kingdom, but because they are sexual objects meant to be saved for and used by men."

5. Bob Jones U., a School That Banned Interracial Dating Until 2000, Is Finally Observing MLK Day (posted January 16)

6. The Pinkification of Girls’ Toys (posted January 18) "the Barbie Dream House [from the 1970s] is red and yellow."

7. This Former Evangelical Became an Atheist After Seeing Fellow Christians Fight Against Obamacare (posted January 18) "I began to realize that others around me despised the thought of allowing people like me the benefit of affordable health insurance."

8. Which Martin Luther King Are We Celebrating Today? (posted January 16) "It is easy to forget that, until fairly recently, many white Americans loathed Dr. King."

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