Thursday, November 3, 2016


A dog and cat dressed like Dobby and Harry Potter, respectively. Image source.
1. Tangled Theory: How Rapunzel Got Her Powers (posted October 27) "Him being kidnapped looks exactly like the sundrop falling to earth."

2. I just realized that finding makeup would be a pain in the ass in the star wars universe (posted October 29)

3. Why I Lied About My Rape (posted October 24) [trigger warning]

4. The Death Penalty, Nearing Its End (posted October 24) "In fact the crimes of the people sentenced to death are no worse than those of many others who escape that fate. Rather, nearly all of last year’s death sentences came from a tiny fraction of counties with three common features: overzealous prosecutors; inadequate public defenders; and a pattern of racial bias and exclusion."

5. An Evangelical Deal With The Devil (posted October 9) "And the devil said unto them, 'I’ll make America great again, all you need do is reach out your hand and join me.'"

6. Male Contraceptive Injection Halted For Same Side Effects Women Have Suffered For Years (posted October 28)

7. Haw haw haw (posted October 24) "I do not believe that anyone ever converted to Christianity as a consequence of reading any of Jack Chick’s gospel tracts. But I do believe that thousands of Christians were converted by them into something else — something more like the ugly dishonesty and nasty triumphalism that were those tracts’ main attributes. He helped persuade such Christians that bearing false witness against their neighbors should be the hallmark and cornerstone of their religion."

8. So You Don’t Like Hillary (posted November 3) "I have a friend who works with underprivileged children, many of them Hispanic. She tells me that many of these children are deeply worried about their families’ futures. In some cases, their parents are making plans to leave, getting things lined up so that they can flee the country if it comes to that. Take a moment to absorb that."

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