Monday, February 29, 2016


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1. Sandra Bland Family's Suspicions Mount Amid Fight To Expose Death Evidence (posted February 18)

2. Donald Trump Says He’d Like to Punch Protester in the Face (posted February 23) He seems nice.

3. Taylor Swift Shows Her Support for Kesha With $250,000 Donation Amid Ongoing Legal Battle With Dr. Luke (posted February 22)

4. Atlas, The Next Generation (posted February 23) DAMN that is a nice robot.

5. People Are Finally Talking About The Thing Nobody Wants To Talk About (posted 2015) "'I started looking at the literature trying to understand why we still have this gap in schooling between girls and boys in lower-income regions.' There were a range of theories, but no one seemed to be paying attention to what struck Sommer as an obvious one: For girls, puberty means getting your period, and the schools she'd seen in Eritrea weren't exactly equipped for that. No toilets, no running water."

6. Why Is Kesha’s Abuse Being Used To Shame Taylor Swift? (posted February 22) "Guys can sit comfortably on the sidelines, tending their own careers and gazing into their own navels. No one expects them to care about sexual abuse, or about women, or even about the labor practices in their own industry."

7. Is Jane a Descendant of Belle?? (posted February 23) Wow. Someone has put a lot of work into this fan theory. There could actually be something to this.

8. Guest Post: Not a Nice Story (posted February 23) "We had 18+ years of being taught that we are worthless, that God cannot stand to look at us, that we killed Jesus, that our worth is in our virginity or how well we obey our parents, that who we are is dirty and sinful."

9. for the beauty of the earth (posted February 19) "It had never occurred to me that so much of what I thought of as “materialism” and “covetousness” could be a feature of my personality."

10. How “Inspiration Porn” Reporting Objectifies People With Disabilities (posted February 25) "There are many different versions, but teenagers with Down syndrome just living their lives often make for particularly compelling subjects for journalists looking to create viral stories using their stereotypical cuteness, sweetness, or angelic nature."

11. my sin is not just my own: systemic injustice and communal repentance (posted February 24) "We built and sustain the beast together, but saying the words: “We confess the sin of racism and the hatred toward people of color we have created” or “We repent of the violence against women we have caused with our words, beliefs, and inaction” ... seems incomprehensible for any of the churches I’ve attended." Wow. Same here.

12. How a Leading Christian College Turned Against Its Gay Leader (posted February 23) "The stories of the earnest students that sat in my office were sacred, and the people they yearn to please have sent a message that, at best, they might be kind of tolerated one day. If gays commit to never date or marry, if they keep their stories quiet, if they remain theologically conservative and they war against their gayness, then maybe they can kind of stick around. They probably won’t get a job on staff and there will certainly be special rules for them, but they might be tolerated someday." Lord have mercy.

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