Monday, February 8, 2016

Blogaround (and Happy Chinese New Year!!!)

A Chinese-style image of a monkey, with the words "猴年吉祥 2016 Happy New Year." Image source.
Happy year of the monkey, everyone! Last night was the big night- Chinese New Year! And here are the links for this week:

1. The Three Letter Word Missing From the Zika Virus Warnings (posted February 3) "Rather than telling women to “avoid pregnancy” in the manner of avoiding a pothole, why are none of these assorted agencies telling men to stop having procreative sex until we know more about Zika? Why does the very suggestion of any government recommending men to practice abstinence for two years seem like a joke?"

2. Iowa Caucus Results: 6 Things That Explain How It Happened (posted February 2)

3. Unpublished Black History. "Every day during Black History Month, we will publish at least one of these photographs online, illuminating stories that were never told in our pages and others that have been mostly forgotten."

4. Slaves in the hands of an angry white God (posted January 26) “Because every other thing I’ve read about that famous pastor’s famous sermon approaches it from the pretense that it is insignificant and not worth mentioning that this is the sermon of a slave-owner delivered at a time when the northern colonies were gripped with the fear of slave revolts. And the contention that none of that had any influence on Edwards, on Edwards’ theology, or on his composition and delivery of this particular sermon, is more outlandishly absurd and patently false than anything suggested in that unreliable essay.”

5. Donald Trump Accidentally Sat Through A Sermon About Welcoming Immigrants (posted January 25)

6. Donald Trump and a Tale of Two Gospels (posted January 28) “This is the gospel of Donald Trump, his “good news” to Christian voters: Stick with me and you’ll be a winner. Stick with me and I’ll give you power, protection, prestige. It’s also the very thing Satan promised Jesus when he tempted him in the desert.”

7. Naghmeh Abedini, Franklin Graham, and the Silencing of Evangelical Abuse Victims (posted February 3) “Meanwhile, both of them have positioned the restoration of the couple’s marriage as a victory from God and the destruction of their marriage as a victory for Satan. In other words, if Naghmeh decides to make the separation permanent, she will have allowed Satan to win. Think, for a moment, about the impossible position in which that puts Naghmeh.”

8. These “Legal Rape” Advocates Cancelled Their Plans Because They Didn’t Feel Safe At Night (posted February 4)

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